What the hell, Angelina?

Honestly, she is a grown woman. And not a porn star. (as far as I know) What the hell kind of pose is this??

2 thoughts on “What the hell, Angelina?

  1. OMG. She’s standing just like that as so presents. Maybe cooling off after sitting next to her hot hubby? Nay. She’s just a tart!

  2. I had the phone in my hand to CALL you when I first saw her last night. That stance is just too much…..WTF – was it the Adult Film Oscars or something…..did we miss something ? Ok…we all get it…she’s hot and is doing Brad….but c’mon – a “statement stance” like THAT at the Oscars – ONstage, no less, too !! Cougwhorish, no !?

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