Have been mentally drafting a fun post for you all morning. Sat down at the computer and all thoughts emptied  out…much like my bowels after a night of Thai food and prosecco.


Here’s some random b/s that still floating around my head…much like my…well, never mind.

Found and destroyed 2 horrible ingrown pubic hairs today! *fist pump* Plucked a nipple hair and a black spiky chin hair. So, WINNING.  (sorry, no pix. Next time. *cue ominous music*)

The Frug just got back from a conference (in Fargo of all places) and he is being adorable. All fired up and motivated. Drank gallons of the cool kid kool aid. *rolls eyes* Reminds me of coming back from cheerleading camp back in the day, all excited and fired up up UP about stuff.  Then real life bitch slaps you and you’re all blah again. lol

Kids are almost out of school. Not even dreading it this year. Not having to wake up at the ass crack of dawn to get Sarcasmo to school is going to be JOY. Not having to deal with 11’s school anxiety and friendship drama is also putting a spring in my step.

What else? Still searching for a humane way to remove Otis’s vocal cords.  Maybe sealing his entire mouth shut? Then I could avoid his deadly breath and drool too. Feeding tube for a dog? Hmm. *ponders*

Still surrounded by hoarder bags.

Still very old.

On that cheery note…

Happy Thursday!

One thought on “Welp

  1. Are you sure we’re not the same person!? All except for the thai food ( I hate thai food). That maintenance you eloquently described happened this morning here too! And the whole counting down to not having to wake up at 6:15 to get my son out the door by 6:57, yeah that too!

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