Welp, it was worth a try…


The Miracle Noodle folks also have a Miracle “Rice”… I love love love rice!  And since the noodles were a win, the rice was def. worth a try, right?

I decided to try a chicken fried rice recipe (the trusty Sun Bird Spicy Fried Rice packet). Here’s the “rice” after it was drained and rinsed (b/c of the stench! lol) and blanched in boiling water:Looks like cooked tapioca or white caviar. Hmm.

Here’s the finished dish:Looks fine, right?


The taste was fine. Tasted exactly like regular old chicken fried rice. The texture? Not so good. It was like chicken fried tapioca. Or chicken fried rubber pellets. Not horrible. Not disgusting. Yet somehow wrong. Reminded myself that it was ZERO CARBS!  ZERO CALORIES! kwim?!???

The upside is that I didn’t gorge myself senseless eating it. lol

So, yeah…probably not going to use the “rice” again. I bet I could use the miracle noodles for this though.

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