Took a “Half Kelly Day”…

…on Friday. A Full Kelly Day would have been begging karma to do rude things to me, kwim? So, after putting in my Good Mama time by driving a Fail Wagon-full of 8th graders to their Shakespeare Festival and sitting thru 2 other schools’ performances before watching their (30 MINUTE!) production…I hit the mall. *dreamy sighs*

Was really loving all the neon colors featured for spring/summer. Makes my 80s girl heart flutter! Day Glo FTW!!!  Now, neon is tough for me to pull off for a variety of reasons. First off? The hair color is a yellowish green to begin with which makes any bright yellow or green top a No Go.  Skin is a non-80s shade of potato so, again, yellow and green are not pretty on me! (so much yellow for spring *growls*)

Anyway, I ended up in the GAP and bought a cute pair of neon ombre shorts (they’re going back, Frug) and a cute tee shirt dress in a shocking shade of pink *squeals* and a tee shirt or 3. Purring happily as I checked out. I never speak to cashiers due to social issues but I since was in a happy place:

Me: *smilingAll these neon colors remind me of the 80s.

20 yr old Pseudo Hipster Dude: Not to make you feel old but…

Me: *narrows eyes b/c that is NOT a nice lead in*

PSD: It must have been so cool being in high school in the 80s

Me: *incredulous look*

Yes, high school in the 80s was like a 4 year Ferris Bueller’s Day Off mixed with other cute HS in the 80s movies. *rolls eyes hideously*

No real point to this post other than to share my pissyness that PHD ruined my buzz with his “not to make you feel old but…” thing. MFWTF?!?!

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