The Jennifer Aniston Perfume Contest WINNER!

This is some mean-spirited shit here. DListed had a ‘Name Jennifer Aniston’s New Perfume Contest’.  Lots of terrible, nasty names were suggested!  However, the whole celebrity scent business bugs me anyway.  Why would I want to smell like Jen? Even though I bet she smells amazing…I personally think her scent would be a combo of margaritas, sunscreen, beach…something light and golden smelling…all good stuff but still. The celebs who have perfumes who I do NOT ever want to smell like? Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, JLo…*shudder*

The Jennifer Aniston Perfume Contest WINNER!

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One thought on “The Jennifer Aniston Perfume Contest WINNER!

  1. There has been lots of cruel remarks concerning Jennifer Aniston doing the rounds on the internet of late. I think she looks wonderful, particularly after losing a couple of kilos.

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