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So, hey everyone…

I’m several months into the big 5-0 and I have to say it blows! lol #notkidding #sucksballs

One of the super-fun things about 50 is the utter shutdown of my metabolism. I mean, I’ve heard “older women” bitch about this but I assumed it wouldn’t happen to me.

Even cutting out starchy carbs, other carbs, sugars, etc. Not alcohol, of course. Let’s not get crazy.



I weigh myself pretty much daily and here’s my scale:


Forgot to Comment on My New Toy!!

As part of the (FAIL) “Shock and Awe”, I’m now using a BodyMedia Bodyband! (I think they use these, or something similar, on The Biggest Loser) I am in LOVE with this little thing!

You wear it around your upper arm all day and night. It tracks your steps, activity levels (surprisingly, my activity is never, ever in the “vigorous” category! lol), sleep duration (and “quality of sleep” which is neat)  You set your goals and log your food intake in the Activity Manager online (and there’s an iphone app too but I haven’t gotten it yet) It tracks your calories (and categorizes carbs, fat, protein, other nutrients), and, most importantly, calories IN vs calories OUT aka BURNED…very very cool. Lots of graphs and charts and reports which will give the OCD people infoboners, I’m sure 😉

It’s really easy to use and I don’t even feel it on my arm at all now. I sync the armband in the morning and again at around dinner time. (they include a USB cord in the package for your convenience) I like to check to see how many steps I’ve taken by dinner. I had a Day o’Sloth on Weds. and it was like a big smack on the ass to see my sloth depicted in a bar chart! *whack*

Also painful is logging in the wines from the Saturday night Date Nights!  You get a pie chart that shows the protein, fat, carbs and ALCOHOL is a special slice in blue! Wino!! *whack*

Anyway, LOVE it. Really love it. I like to think it’s helping me track my weight/activity better. Not gonna lie, it’s $$$. And the AmEx bill just arrived…and the Frug is going to see just how $$ it was. Pray for me! *winks*