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Movie Boner

Have you seen the trailer for the movie, “The Roommate”?  Minka Kelly (LYLA!)? Leighton Meester (BLAIR!)? I swear, it’s like Cinematic Viagra for the Frug. We’ll have to wait for Netflix b/c he’d embarrass himself in the theatre >;-)

Oh Lyla, you naughty minx

Blair? Is that you? Where’s your headband?


All is not lost for me though. A) I find these chicas sexy too and B) the yummy Cam Gigandet (James from Twilight) is in it too…


The Roommate Movie Review | Shockya.com.


Not sure how to feel about THIS:

On one hand, I’m sad that Rob felt like he had to re-up the Restraining Order against me…on the other hand, I think it’s so sweet that he had it blown up like that since he knows I don’t see that well...He does care! I knew it!

Rachel McAdams Michael Sheen public romantic weekend in Toronto 05oct10

Really??  THIS guy gets the adorable Rachel McAdams?? (not feeling the color of her hair nor it’s frizziness in this picture tho) The guy is the uber talented Michael Sheen – he was Tony Blair in The Queen, David Frost in Frost/Nixon (so good in case you haven’t seen it), some sort of beast in the Underworld movies, and oh yeah he’s Aro in those little Twilight movies you may have heard of…

Anyway, he’s cute, in a leprechaun-like way. His IMBD lists him as 5’9″ *coughs* please…that’s 5’5″ to you and me.  He must have something going on tho…he was with the hotness that is Kate Beckinsale (in the Frug’s Top 5) and had a child with her…I wonder what his secret it? Rachel McAdams looks quite happy and dare I say ‘satisfied’???  hmmmm

Rachel McAdams Michael Sheen public romantic weekend in Toronto 05oct10.

Newcomer Mackenzie Foy to play Renesmee in ‘Breaking Dawn’

Has everyone heard this news? They picked the little girl to play Renesmee in Breaking Dawn. She is gorgeous! And she has a bit of that otherworldly quality that she’ll need to play half-human/half-vampire/love interest of wolf boy, kwim??

And, she really does look like Robert and Kristen’s child, doncha think?

The problem now is how in the hell are they doing to do the imprinting b/s without making poor Taylor Lautner look like a pedo???  The imprinting is tricky and weird even just having to read about it…now take Mr. Beefcake w/abs of steel and a gorgeous smile and have him find his soul mate in this precious child (who will have to be a baby somehow with Hollywood technowizardry)…eeekkkk! and ICK.

Newcomer Mackenzie Foy to play Renesmee in ‘Breaking Dawn’.

Saturday Schmaturday

Spent most of yesterday nursing a bit of a head cold. Not that anyone in the house had a bit of sympathy for me.  Other than Otis, who guarded the bedroom door for me while I slept in (10:30! woot!) and Fiona, who snuggled against me. The household humans were oblivious. *glares at them*

I also spent time hiding from the Frug. It was Black Saturday…the day that the AmEx bill arrives and is meticulously reviewed. “KELLYYYYYY?” *hides with ears covered* “KEL??!!!!!” (which, if you recall, sounds like COW when Mr Baltimore says it) “COW?! What is this $250 charge at Costco???”  “COOOOOWW?!!!!!” What did you buy at Nordstrom for $87?” “COW!!!!”

He also printed a Year-to-Date/Year-over-Year spreadsheet that compares last year’s spending, by category, to this year’s spending. Kelly Grooming and Kelly Clothing lead the pack as in the RED and OVER BUDGET.  Which seems impossible to me b/c I feel so ungroomed most of the time and sport a wardrobe mostly by Target, kwim??! Le sigh.

Cut to our Date Night. Dinner out w/Robin and Wrench. The soon-to-be-Marrieds!  Chit chat and too much eating. The usual.  What was UNusual was the stink eye Robin and I were getting from some b*tches at the restaurant. Openly staring at us and sneering. SNEERING. It had happened a few times before we got the the restaurant too. Some slores gave me the up and down stare, you know, the once-over from head to toe and then a freaking eye brow raise. I was like “WHAT?!!” I thought I looked reasonably cute. Black tee, white skirt, adorable strappy platform wedge heels.

Enzos, on sale for $41 PLUS an extra 20% off! Frug Approved?!

An Old Whore to be sure (Old Ho Fo Sho?) but not scandalous or stare-worthy.  Hmph.  And Robin couldn’t look like an Old Whore if she tried. A supermodel perhaps. A pro volleyball player who models on the side, yes. Again, not deserving of the utter stink eye we were getting. It’s a shame I hadn’t been drunker (or if I was from Jersey or something *snickers*) b/c I would have perhaps said a few choice words, LOUDLY.

That is all. Must go check out the MTV Movie Awards. B/c I’m 12, obviously. Nothing to do with possible Robert Pattinson sightings and other misc Twilight stuff! *whistles*