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What is Life?

Welp, the Frug and I are having a rare Tuesday night date. Romantic, right??


He’s taking me to THIS:

The Minimalists Tour

What the WHAT?

Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus have garnered an audience of more than 2 million readers at TheMinimalists.com, where they write about living a meaningful life with less stuff. They are the bestselling authors of five books and have spoken at Harvard Business School, SXSW, World Domination Summit, and many other organizations, schools, and conferences.

He’s taking me to a seminar about living with less stuff.

Is this an exorcism?

An intervention?


I’m tempted to wear something outrageous like this gold AmEx dress:

Or maybe just something with the Target logo?? Or something a rich old lady would wear on a cruise…covered in rhinestones and wearing alll the jewelry.


Trying to keep an open mind. This is the Frug’s “thing” so I want to be respectful and nonjudgy.


These people are the judgy ones. “Oh, look at us and how frugal we are!  You money spending collectors of things are terrible people!”

Smug bastards.

We maximinalists are all live and let live. “I’m just over here at Sephora and then heading the Nordie’s Half Yearly Sale! Have a nice day!”

I shall report back on this thing later, God willing.





Example of Utter Wastefulness

Among the Frug’s more amusing qualities is his inability to overlook ‘waste’ or ‘clutter’…he will be making himself lunch or something and he will come upon some sort of offensive example of one of my better qualities…the ability to buy and re-buy similar items at the store.  Rather than simply sigh and move on, he usually will treat me to some sort of visual display.  Witness this one:

he should really work retail - he has a gift, doncha think?

he should really work retail - he has a gift, doncha think?

Do you remember the movie Sleeping with the Enemy with Julia Roberts, circa 1991??  She had the psycho husband–and you knew he was crazy just by looking at that sweet mustache–

Is this actually a photo of the Frug?!

Is this actually a photo of the Frug?!

who abused her AND was obsessed w/order??  I clearly remember the scene where she opens a cabinet and there’s psycho-music playing and she sees all of the soup cans neatly arranged -all facing the same way-and alphabetized!  Yeah, I live that life, baby.  The Frug has recently reorganized the crafts closet, the ‘Lazy Susan’ where we keep the canned goods, and the one with the assorted plastic containers.  I know that some might say ‘Hey, what a great husband! He actually organizes stuff!’ Um, no. With all the cleaning and sorting comes the JUDGING.  Good times. Good times.

So, I took the kids out for a while the other day came home to the display of ‘chocolate drink mixes’.  Rather than seeing the different types of hot cocoa mixes as ‘variety’, it is seen as waste.  There are days when you feel like ‘Extra Marshmallows’, some days you may need the kind ‘with Caffeine’ (yes, they make some w/as much caffeine as a cup of coffee! woot!)…what if you want the fancy Whole Foods kind instead of the classic Swiss Miss?  How can one predict???  Much better to be prepared, right? 3 different types of Ovaltine…honestly, who knew?? There’s Rich Chocolate, Chocolate Malt AND plain Malt. Don’t you think it’s important to figure out just which type you prefer? 😉

The Frug sees that stuff and has visions of all of us living in a van down by the river…but with lots of hot chocolate 😉  Surrounded by individually wrapped (WASTE!) snacks (FAT!!)…piles of silver Hershey Kisses wrappers (more FAT!)…need I go on?

You can imagine how he feels about my other collections like ‘Black Sweaters‘ or  ‘Black Shoes‘ or ‘Hair Products‘…actually, the Hair Products Collection may actually be mentioned in a future article entitled, ‘The Frug Kills Wife comma Self“.