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Fighting The Hot One Toe At A Time

I have seen these ‘shoes’ in stores and wondered Who the HELL would wear them…apparently *this guy*…eeuuww

Maybe I’m just jealous b/c my Irish-digging-for-potates peasant toes would never fit in there?? Maybe.

Wait, it’s Channing Tatum who is a hotty. Damn, those fugly shoes are powerful.

Fighting The Hot One Toe At A Time

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Quick Rob Update

You know, I hate to give bad news around the holidays…just seems so wrong.  But, in the interest of honesty, I have to let you know:

I’m breaking up with Robert Pattinson. (okay, maybe we’re just on a break)

I know.

I know this seems like it’s out of the blue.  It feels like I just confessed my little fantasy about me and Rob.  Rob & I are together and I’m wearing KStew’s amazing shoes… but it’s been building up for a month or so now. Started with the New Moon promotions.  He was EVERYWHERE. Couldn’t get away from him. Interviews in magazines, tv, online.  The bloggers were all over him — so many pix, videos, analyzing every hair on his head, every word out of his mouth…He was just in my face all the time. Which you would think I would love…but…it almost gave me the ICK. I guess there is such a thing as ‘too much Rob.’  Sigh.

So, I went to NYC the weekend New Moon came out.  He knew I was there. He could feel the magnetic attraction between us — but, he was playing coy and stayed just out of reach! 😉  Maybe he was just being nice and letting me have a Girls Weekend? 😉  When I got home, the Rob drought began…the holidays kicked into gear…and I realized ‘hey, I haven’t thought about Rob in a while’…haven’t been googling him, haunting the robsessed blogs, nothing.  And, guess what?  I don’t miss him!  I know!

I’m not ruling out a future reconciliation.  After all, he and I go way back (to June ’09 at least)…Remember Me is coming out in March (I think) and Eclipse in June.  There’s hope.  And, there is all the hotness to consider.  Maybe I am just backing off on my Robsession so I can maybe get a sweet Christmas gift from the Frug??  Who knows?

Not sure how Rob will handle this news. I’m glad he has KStew to help him heal from my break-up.  But, one thing…even though I’m not w/Rob now…I still want Kristen’s shoes.  Seriously.

Bowery Hotel – Part 2

So, this is the long awaited PART 2 of Saturday in NYC.  I believe I left off as I was stumbling down the streets of NY, shouting the word VAGINA? Apparently, I was also gyrating and making lewd gestures…humiliating Ashley, the uber-cool Manhattanite. What are relatives for?

So, we are all working our looks…Robin, working the blonde glamazon thing…Ashley, raven haired fiesty-hip pixie…me, the classic Old Whore…went back in the Bowery Hotel lounge area…they have tables with ‘bottle service’…you know, buy a bottle of vodka for $500 and get to hang in the cool area…such a non-Frug-approved thing! 😉 We went back to the side bar for a bit…then, Ash then scoped out a table in the cool area with only 1 or 2 guys at it…they were happy to have us hang but the bouncer types nixed it!  Can you believe it?  Hmph.  And, so we’re hanging out with our $20 drinks and a very nice bouncer guy (not a burly I-will-kick-your-ass type) w/adorable horn rimmed glasses came over…he apologized profusely but asked us to basically get back into the riff-raff room!  (side bar) He did say he would come get out out of the riff-raff room when the hubbub died down a bit…I *know* it was b/c Rob was there, somewhere…there was a bit of a buzz in the air.  Someone said Keifer Sutherland was there too. Did I see him? Of course not.  I am apparently celeb-repellant.  Walked out onto the patio area (where Rob would be hanging out, smoking…and making it look sexy and cool somehow…le sigh)…didn’t see him…such a TEASE. The media I was reading later gave conflicting reports. Some said he was there later (we stayed til 1:03am) and some said he was on the upper west side, with Kristen Stewart…Regardless…I *know* he and I were hanging out at the Bowery, separate, yet still together in spirit! 😉

So, during my stalking time, there were some things to keep my mind off of my RPattz-less-ness.  One guy came over w/his buddies…his intro ‘hey, one of the best things about me is that I like to buy girls drinks’…well, okay then! Have at it!  His other line? Something about ‘one of the best things about me is that I’m tall’ Okay. Never bothered to get his name b/c honestly, who cares, kwim?  Robin was busy thinking about ‘Wrench’ and Ash was getting constant texts from her ex-current-future-fiance-stalker-killer.  Which left me to entertain the drink buyers.  Which was fine. I really love being married. I can talk to anyone. No pressure, kwim?  The other guy gave us 3-4 different names.  I resorted to just calling him ‘Pleather’ b/c his jacket was ‘green’ and pleather. Tall guy, just called him ‘Tall’…Tall was a character.  He asked me a question that was so vulgar that it left me speechless.  ME?!  Can you believe it?  I cannot even repeat it here!  Finished up there w/a round of disgusting gingery nasty shots. UGH.  Oh, and when we got back to the hotel, Ashley and I decided hot dogs from a street vendor were a terrific idea. UGH. No hangover for me though.  Maybe that’s a preventative?

So, sadly, despite some decent stalking, no Rob sighting.  And, even if I did see him, he would have been w/KStew, which is cool I suppose.  It did make me come up w/a new mental scenario though…it’s me with Rob…and I am wearing Kristen’s shoes.  Whoregasm.

Picture, me wearing these shoes

Plus ROB. He can keep his Ray Bans on 😉


Kristen Stewart’s Shoes Will Be The Death of Me

So, you can’t possibly have missed all the New Moon hoopla over this past week. (OMG, 7 days away!!!!)  They are truly traveling the globe to promote a movie that is already predicted to be a HUGE hit. I plan on seeing it several times AND buying the dvd. Sorry, Frug. It has to be done.

Anyway, when I’ve checked out the press tour pix AND when I’ve been able to tear my eyes away from Robert Pattinson, I have become intoxicated with Kristen Stewart’s SHOES. I want her SHOES. And, her boyfriend. But, since I am A) Married and B) sadly old enough to be the man’s MOTHER (shoot me), I shall settle for these shoes.




badass boots baby


WOW, sky high peep toes!


from the Harper's Bazaar shoot


classic black F*ck Me Pumps


these are cool and kinda crazy


Red Platform Loubs - NOT Dorothy's Ruby Slippers

and finally, the ones I had a whoregasm over today:


OMG, these ankle booties!! Panting, Drooling, Quivering

Maybe if I am a good girl, Santa Frug will come thru??  Yes??  Hopeless…sigh…

U2 Update

Apologies to all of you who were desperately waiting for my report 😉 In a word? Amazing. It’s called the 360 tour b/c they use this incredible stage set-up so no matter where you are sitting, you can see EVERYTHING!  Apparently, the set cost like $40 million or something crazy like that…the Frug got us tix from some guy on craigslist (always the bargain hunter!) and we were in Club Level seats for $80 (well BELOW the printed ticket cost!)…we were able to see everything AND had easy access to uncrowded bathrooms…very very important! 😉  The show itself was spectacular — the lights, the video and the MUSIC!!  Woo! …and the Frug was killing it on the air guitar next to me! 🙂  Maybe he can go as the Edge for Halloween this year?

Went w/Bob and “Fawn” and Robin and “Wrench”…Wrench drove so that the Frug could get his drink on and not kill us driving home. Bob played housewife and shopped for our yummy tailgate picnic! 😉 The boy missed his calling…he thought of everything — from the fried chicken (love that chicken from Popeyes!) down to the wet naps AND dental floss!  Amazing 😉  Now, as for Fawn? Cannot look at her and see HER. I see her Christian Louboutin black patent platform pumps!

comfy practical shoes!

comfy practical shoes!

A REAL person has these.  Not a celebrity, someone I see regularly!  When I mentioned her fab shoes (and their price tag) to my adoring hubby, the Frug said dismissively ‘well, she works’….GAH!  WTH!  Why can’t I have $800 shoes?  WHY!?!  Maybe they don’t work w/my housewifey lifestyle.  Maybe it’s b/c they wouldn’t be comfy to wear while walking the dog or loading the dishwasher. Say something like THAT, not ‘well, she works’…grumble.

Where was I?  Ah, yes. The concert!  Muse opened for U2 and I love Muse, not b/c I know their music, but b/c they are on the Twilight soundtrack (the song during vampire baseball) and they will be on the New Moon soundtrack as well! They were really good too!

Robin had a friend with Backstage Passes (that b*tch didn’t share!) and front row seats…she was able to take some phenomenal pix like these…



Bone and the Edge, baby!

Bone and the Edge, baby!

The concert was the best EVER and the company was good too 😉  Best part? The $40 tee shirt I bought!

yup, that's what a $40 concert tee looks like!

yup, that's what a $40 concert tee looks like!

See?? You don’t let me get the Loubs and I have to make you suffer, $40 at a time! LOL 😉 I kid. I kid.

Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale


So sad.  I used to get phone calls to remind me, a Very Important Customer, to come in to shop the Sale.  The Shoe Dept and certain cosmetics counters would call me, tantalizing me w/the special purchase offers, etc. No more. Back in my shopping heyday (pre-Brad), I was a Nordy-holic.  Lunches w/Rachel at the Cafe…makeovers with Tina.  Le sigh. I was at the mall today, shopping for Brad’s bday, and saw the signs.  Stab in my heart.

One of Brad’s first acts as Husband and Chief Bill Payer was to take my Nordstrom card and CUT IT UP.  I heard something about “24% interest” and “large balances” or something but I was too busy shrieking and crying to pay attention.

Anyway, if you are employed, have a life that doesn’t revolve around child care/dog walking/laundry, go check out the shoes…the glorious shoes. 

That is all.