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Well, I Guess Summer is Over?

Shit. How did that happen?

Kids are both back to school. The Frug is frugging busily downstairs. And me? What am I doing? I’m sitting here at my desk, listening to the soothing sounds of Otis licking his empty ballsack, and dicking around on the interwebs. Time for me to do my traditional post-summer Kelly overhaul.

The summer damage is truly exponential. The revenge of summers past, if you will. It seems that no matter how many peels I do, serums I try, creams I buy and forget to use, the sun damage is there. SPF 70, no pool or beach during peak hours, sitting under an umbrella, etc. Pfft. No matter. Freckles, age spots, melasma. And the sagging. That’s a new one. Really enjoying the sagging. Jowls and neck are so pretty, flapping in the wind. I have 3480 browser tabs on “how to firm sagging skin without surgery.” *snorts*  

Another thing I’m digging is “eyelid hooding.”  Lots of people have undereye bags and dark circles. My thing is upper eyelid sag. It’s gorgeous!! Makes already porcine eyes look even more sinister! And old!  Let’s not forget OLD. Who has good product reccs for THAT? Come at me!


Happy Fall to All. Blah.


A Facial, Progress on Fall Goals, Adios Sea Hag?

Had a much needed facial on Saturday!  Went to a ‘Day of Beauty’ event at Dr. Bitar’s office (dermatologist/plastic surgeon) a week or so ago b/c I saw an ad for 20% off products or services…I am so so so frugal, no? LOL  Anyway, I had a quick (free) consult w/their Esthetician and set up the facial appt. The facial was done by Amy and I loved her!  She was very sweet and non-judgemental about my sun damage and very encouraging that it could be tackled!  I hate going into a doctor or a spa and being lectured about staying out of the sun, etc. I *know* all that, damnit!  I’m sorry that I am an 80’s girl who had tanorexia!  Just fix me!  Anyway, the facial was their deep cleansing one…very standard stuff…cleansing, exfoliating, extractions(my fav!!!), glycolic treatment (she said she was mixing a couple of them together)…she also put a vitamin C serum on my face

smells like BACON!

smells like BACON!

and it doesn’t smell like oranges as I expected…it smells like BACON.  How weird is that??  Kind of off-putting…but, it’s supposed to be great stuff.  Anyway, at the end, she did a little of the Jane Iredale makeup…just a little touch-up…which I loved too!  Hate walking out of a facial all naked faced and splotchy, kwim? Here’s the best part…after I got dressed and was leaving, there WASN’T a bunch of products waiting for me. You know how some facials end up being a sales pitch??  Cannot stand that.  All blissed out, feeling smooth and soft and then BAM! Buy this stuff.  So uncomfortable.  Either the Esthetician is standing there watching you or the receptron (shout out to Rae Rae!) is looking at your like you are a cheap b*tch for not buying the products.  GAH. Buzzkill!  She gave me a nice sized sample of the vitamin C serum and a skin firming moisturizer, and some tips about using the TriLuma cream (I waited to actually start this cream until after the facial b/c she wanted to be sure the glycolic acids didn’t irritate my skin too much)…oh, one more thing, while she was rubbing my face (love!) she sort of bumped my eyelashes a few times and I made a comment about having started the Latisse recently…she said she could see new lash growth!  And so can I!  Feeling very lush-lashed! 😉  It seems a bit soon to see the growth but I can!  Yeah!

What else?  Got low lights yesterday…desperately needed them…can’t really tell how they look b/c I didn’t get a blowout (another $40 and again, I am so frugal!)…we’ll see on Friday night when I get all fancy for another school cocktail party 😉

Have you ever heard of Rue La La? It’s like an online sample sale…I have gotten so many bargains! My most recent was MD Skincare…got the Alpha Beta® Daily Body Peel! It is on their website for $78 and I got it for $39!!!  Frug approved! 😉

Look out, Aniston!

Look out, Aniston!

I have read that my skin goddess, Jennifer Aniston, gets microderm all over her body…so, this is my at-home attempt to get HER glowing body 😉 haha Good Luck, right?  I did it last weekend and I will again tonight…there are 2 sets of pre-soaked pads…one with the peel stuff and one with the neutralizer stuff…you just basically wipe it on (til the pad is dry) where ever you want to get rid of dull dry skin on your body! Waaaaay better than some of the in-shower scrubs…they disapoint me greatly. Make me all greasy feeling too. Ugh.

So, working on the condition of my aging skin…dry skin on body…fresh LOWLIGHTS…can I kiss Sea Hag-dom good-bye?  Nah, not yet.  Soon though…as God is my witness, I will cast off this mantle of the Sea Hag!