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Monday Misc.

Growly Morning, All!

Thanks to my girl LMac for pointing out I have been a slacker with posting these days!  This whole Back to School business has sucked my creativity! Getting up early at oh-dark-hundred starts my day off shitastically. I hesitate to moan about that b/c I know everyone else in the world deals with this too but…they aren’t as lazy as I am!  They don’t need the sleep like I do! *whines*

So, let’s see…what’s new? 11 became 12. *gasps* I know. TWELVE. With the pimples on his nose and attitude to prove it. That child is going to be a handful. He somehow managed to get the Frug to agree to give him a cell phone for his birthday. A CELL PHONE FOR A 12 YEAR OLD. Ridiculous. All I know is that one night the Frug said to me “There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY we’re getting him a phone” and then the next night I see 11 looking at cell phone plans with a tiny smug smile on his face. It’s a gift, I tell you.

Need a new name for him. He deserves more than just a number as a name, doncha think? Something based on his interests, perhaps? Currently, we have HGTV, Food Network Star, iPads, cell phones, reality TV…cleaning is a minor diversion these days. And vacuums, while still on the list, have fallen to the bottom.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

So, to superficialize this posting…let’s talk Miley Cyrus. I’ve avoided the topic b/c, frankly, girlfriend is getting more than enough media coverage. The media is covering more than her outfit did at the VMAs. Hello, Ass Flaps! I LOVE LOVE LOVE her flabby ass in this pic. *giggles evilly*


So, then she and Liam announce their engagement is OVAH. Not shocking, right?  But, one day later he is doing this??


Damn, that is COLD. Message delivered, Liam. That is a public bitch slap. Yeesh.

So, then I felt sorry for Miley. Fine, she did some ridic dance and shook her skinny-fat ass for the world to see and mock. No one deserves to see their former fiancé ONE DAY AFTER THEY SPLIT making out with some ho, right?

Then I see Miley in this outfit and I’m back to not feeling sorry for her AT ALL:


Seriously??? SERIOUSLY? What is she thinking?  Girl looks fantastic from the neck down though, right? Like a filthy whore, but fantastic.




Oscar Commentary

First of all, why is the show that long? Why must we wait til midnight to get to the ‘good’ awards?? Sigh. I always tell myself I am going to turn off the tv and just check the results in the a.m. and then continue to stay glued to the screen. It’s a sickness.

So, Sandra Bullock?! I am so happy she won for so many reasons! Native Arlingtonian, former cheerleader, her movie was about a guy who now plays for the Ravens…how could she lose with all of that going for her?! lol And, she looked amazing. Whoever her plastic surgeon is, I want him. She didn’t look too nipped/tucked though. She looked like she had some very subtle botox, maybe a filler or 2…and some laser skin tightening. Just a little. She looked fresh, not pulled tight. And I loved her dress. Not a huge fan of the slash of red lipstick although that’s very traditional ‘old hollywood glam’…


pretty color but the 'look at my boobs' accents? yuck

There's something very appealing about her. Nice Mia Farrow haircut.

Pretty dress but that camera angle makes her look THICK. MEOW

Mother of the Bride dress. I love her though...

WTH is poofing off the front of this dress?

cheap prom dress. and she looks thick. MEOW

Hated it. Bad posture and really, why was she there? MEOW

The Queen looked beautiful. Loved all of it.

Dress? Okay. Hair was all fuzzy tho.

She scared me. Why, Molly? WHY?

Demi continues to impress me w/her anti-aging strategy.

Final comments. Gabourey Sibide. I love her name. It’s beautiful.

Oh, fav joke? When Alec Baldwin/Steve Martin referred to ‘clothes whores’ instead of ‘clothes horses’…I do love a good Whore reference.

Martin, introducing Sarah Jessica Parker and Tom Ford as presenters of the award for best costume design. “And now, two world-renowned clothes whores.”
Alec Baldwin: “Siz.”
Martin: “What?”
Baldwin: “Clothes horses.”
Martin: “OK. But I don’t think the plural of whore is whore-siz.”

Naked Pix

Sigh. Saw that there are some of Ashley Greene now…and that Vanessa Hudgens person had a 2nd set of nudie pix come out recently…WHYWHYWHYWHY?? Do they really think that no one will ever see them? Or that their ‘friends’ won’t sell them?? Or, maybe they WANT them out there? Who knows. Just seems so stupid. Nothing says Serious Actress like naked photos on the internet, right?

And, btw, you just *know* that there’s a Miley Cyrus sex tape out there…just waiting for the right time to be leaked. Ugh. Again, parents?? Control your teenage daughters, please! Tell them that even just joking around w/nude pix and then deleting them is dumb! Seems like there is no permanent deletion…stuff always comes back…(so thankful to have BOY children right about now)