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This is what 25 looks like?

Lindsay!!  Holy Old Whore Alert. Wowsa. I have fewer wrinkles that that.  And her eyes? They look like they have seen some serious shit, kwim?

Clean living, chicas. So important. Let this photo be a wakeup call to all you potential crack hoes out there! (again, what is the plural of Ho when you do NOT mean the hoe that you rake with?? I hate putting the ‘ to make it Ho’s like the Ho owns something *snorts*)

MichaelK at Dlisted wrote some funny shizz about Lindsay…go read it! http://dlisted.com/node/41379

Lindsay’s Little White Dress Sells Out!



I have to say that I really like this dress. No, I really do.  Especially when worn with proper undergarments. Would it have killed her to wear a bra?? And you know she doesn’t have undies on either!! JFC, woman. You’re going to COURT, not to a club. Yes, inappropriate. However, she would have looked h-o-t at a club, shaking those tatas on the dance floor 😉  (side note: Is she “enhanced”? Or is she heavy right now and carrying it in her boobs?)

Lindsay’s Little White Dress Sells Out!.

Lindsay Lohan at Betty Ford.

Check out the schedule at Betty Ford…not too shabby, eh? Minus the 6am wake-up call…wonder if they let you sleep in?? And, it seems like they have lots of “Med Calls”…aren’t these people addicts?  What kind of meds would they be handing out?? Diet pills? lol and kidding!  I still think Promises is way better b/c it’s right there in Malibu and much more posh. Oh, wait. She’s been to Promises. She’s sort of doing a Tour d’Rehabs. *sighs* Girl is a sad, sad thing.

Everyone knows I long for rehab, right?? (*whispers* only a fancy schmancy celebrity one tho) Organic foods, yoga, talking about ME ME ME…no dishes, carpools, dog walking, cleaning the kitty litter, helping w/homework…*smiles* Time to crack open a bottle of Mama’s pink juice! *giggles*


Inpatient Treatment

  • Break
  • Med call
  • Lunch
  • Break / work on assignments
  • Med call
  • Dinner
  • Free time

Lindsay’s New Lawyer: She’s Going to Jail

So, Princess Trainwreck is going to jail…this Tuesday.  Hope and I were texting a week or so ago saying that Linds is definitely going to meet someone in jail…and perhaps there’ll be a sex tape! Here’s hoping!  She’s been having money problems (what with snorting or shooting up all her earnings from when she had a career)…I think all those problems could go away if she sold a video like “Lindsay Lohan’s Lesbian Orgy in Jail”, right?  Pervy freaks would LOVE that (sick bastards)…

Lindsay’s New Lawyer: She’s Going to Jail.

News – Lindsay Lohan Punched by Waitress on 24th Birthday – Movies, TV & Music – UsMagazine.com

Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay…remember when she was cute? And had a future that didn’t include ODing, rehab, and getting punched by waitresses on her birthday?  Where are her real friends? Parents??  She is so sad…she’s pretty much a hopeless case…

News – Lindsay Lohan Punched by Waitress on 24th Birthday – Movies, TV & Music – UsMagazine.com.

Whore Update

After hearing a bit of backlash from Megan Fox fans (yes, Brad, YOU) I want to clarify something…I have no idea if any of the celebs that I think are Old Whores or Young Whores are actually whores. I just think they LOOK like they could be…or were…or may end up being…

So, my apologies to Megan Fox, Kate Hudson, Pamela Anderson, Shannen Doherty, Goldie Hawn, Jessica Simpson, Tara Reid, Nicollete Sheridan, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, et al.  Please read the above clarification about Whores.

That is all.