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News – Doctors: Kate Gosselin Got a Botched Botox Job – Healthy Lifestyle – UsMagazine.com

WOW!  She doesn’t even look like the same person! The good news (for her) is that it’ll wear off in a few months. In the meantime, join me in cackling at her shiteous visage. *cackles evilly*

News – Doctors: Kate Gosselin Got a Botched Botox Job – Healthy Lifestyle – UsMagazine.com.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Back in a Bikini

Okay, JLove…a big WTF to you. Why are you wearing those wedge shoes on the tennis court? Why does your body look like a middle aged woman from Nebraska who has had 3 kids?  Seriously. Kate Gosselin has a better body than you do! You are an actress in Hollywood, you are young, you have not had kids. You should be looking much MUCH better than this. (granted, I know she looks better than I do but still!  If I had no kids, access to unlimited trainers, special delivery diets – and failing all that, an unlimited plastic surgery budget – I could look way better than she does!)  She could at least wear a bathing suit that supports those huge chichis of hers.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Back in a Bikini

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DC Terror Alert Level Raised to “Rabid Possum”

Hellz no.  Kate (+ her 8 minus her douche) is moving to the DC area?! W.t.f. is the world coming to?  So, Ed Hardy Chunky Man gets a bachelor pad in Manhattan and Kate gets…Rockville?  Not that Rockville isn’t fab. But, she has nooooo idea what those Bethesda/Chevy Chase/Rockville bitches are like!  They will slice and dice her. (kisses to my MD area friends!)

What will I do if I happen to see her???  Am concerned that I will have some sort of Tourette’s outburst…”c*ntyrabidpossum”…what would be worse is if if I overcome by starf*ckerfamewhore-itis and was all ‘oh Kate! I am such a fan! I know you’ve been so misunderstood. All the bitchiness was just bad editing, right ?’

Kate Gosselin Got Herself A Maryland Bachelorette Party Palace! | Dlisted

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