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About this Vagazzling business

WTH?  How???? Does she have a bare hoohah then use a hot glue gun to stick the crystals on?  That can’t be healthy, can it??  Or, does she has long, ahem, hair that she braids and then bedazzles with beads?  Wouldn’t that shit show thru your clothes?  And be completely irritating, in a variety of ways?????

JLove says her vajayjay glitters like a disco ball.  Shouldn’t it sparkle like a vampire? lol

Fascinating.  And no, I am NOT doing that!  Seriously.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Back in a Bikini

Okay, JLove…a big WTF to you. Why are you wearing those wedge shoes on the tennis court? Why does your body look like a middle aged woman from Nebraska who has had 3 kids?  Seriously. Kate Gosselin has a better body than you do! You are an actress in Hollywood, you are young, you have not had kids. You should be looking much MUCH better than this. (granted, I know she looks better than I do but still!  If I had no kids, access to unlimited trainers, special delivery diets – and failing all that, an unlimited plastic surgery budget – I could look way better than she does!)  She could at least wear a bathing suit that supports those huge chichis of hers.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Back in a Bikini

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