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Back to School Worries?

If it’s the KIDS who were headed back-to-school today, why wasn’t *I* able to sleep last night??  Tossing and turning worrying about their new teachers…would they *get* my quirky boys? Would they TRY to get them or just dismiss G as another crazy undisciplined boy and Pedro as ‘special’ so go sit in over there and be special while I teach the normal kids???  Then, more ridic thoughts like will they like ME as a parent…will they try to avoid me in carpool??  “Oh Shit!  There’s Peter’s mom…don’t make eye contact!”  I wonder if there is a file on us…oh, them…they are too _____ (overbearing, obnoxious, in denial, loud, gossipy….)

Had an OH SHIT moment last night…somehow G’s waist has grown!  Too many chips and video games perhaps??  Stuffed him into his uniform shorts and shoved him out the door.  Will deal w/that later today.  He isn’t too young to do sit-ups, is he?  Perhaps he and I can do them together!  He also, being very cool and 11 now, wants his uniform shorts to ride low on his hips and go past his knees.  Um, G?  It’s Catholic school, not a music video, kwim??  Also had to convince him not to gel his hair into a faux-hawk.  Yes, my little angel wants a faux hawk.  He has no idea that that’s what it is, he just likes spending time in the bathroom obsessing about his hair 😉  He did let me pop the pimples on his nose last night…much to my great joy!!!!  He was walking around with little white caps on his nose and refused to let me get my hands on them til last night!  I do think he is too young for that…maybe sunscreen and chip related?!  Maybe we all need a back-to-school makeover!  G and I will workout and get facials! LOL

Now, Pedro…all worried today about having a fire drill!  He hates the fire alarm noise.  The child’s voice is louder than any fire alarms i have ever heard but somehow this bothers him!?!  Oh well.  He is part of a special group of kids that gets taken out of the school before the alarm is pulled…sure hope they remember that.  Otherwise they will be treated to the saddest sad face ever.  He can morph his face into the Scream face

Oh no!  A fire drill!

Oh no! A fire drill!

…it gets all long and distorted…and he cries the fattest tears you have ever seen.  Grow up, pally! It’s just a fire drill!  LOL

Well, with them in school I will have more time to blog, time to clean the house, walk the dog, etc.  HA!  Who am I kidding?!  More time to be a sloth!  haha  And, more importantly, more time to read/watch Twilight naked.