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Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson Eclipse premiere LA 25june10

Sweet Jesus. Would you LOOK at the fug-ass suit??!!  It’s supposedly vintage Gucci or some b/s but it’s AWFUL.  So, burgundy suit, grayish (looks just sort of old and unclean to me) shirt and black tie. ROB?!?!  Why? Classic black tux or suit, please??  The Twitter folks were saying things like ‘Ron Burgundy wants his suit back’ and ‘he needs some hoes b/c he’s wearing a pimp suit’ and ‘kind of like Johnny Depp in Willy Wonka’…all BAD. But, his new hair and cuteness helps, right??  Right.

And her dress? *sighs* I usually love Kristen on the red carpet (btw, it was a BLACK carpet) but this dress does nothing for me. The one shoulder look can be hard to pull off – KStew is wearing a one sleeved dress…and it’s sort of a cross between a wedding dress and a skating costume…and not in a good way…she also had on a pair of SWEET 5 inch high (!) Loubs but apparently she took them off the second she entered the theatre! Can’t blame her.

Anyway, Eclipse!  Woo!  June 30th is this WEDS!  *bouncing*  Am supposed to see it w/Tina and Casey but I’m sure LMac will find some way to lure Tina away again…*sigh*

Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson Eclipse premiere LA 25june10.

The Short 2nd Life of Bree Tanner

I swore I would not read this book, The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, by Stephenie Meyer. Just the fact that there’s a book devoted to a character who dies within 5 minutes of ‘knowing’ her in Eclipse irritated me. And, I am still annoyed by the ridiculous c*ckblocking fade-to-black of Breaking Dawn.  Where was the sex?? All that UST and then NOTHING?! WTH?!


Wasn’t going to read it. And, then, much like my other ‘Will NOTs’, I DID! lol  And guess what? It didn’t suck. It was a quick read…very “readable” and not too bogged down with a million trivial details.  And, it was quite different than her other Twilight books.  For example, Bree and the newborns are ‘real vampires’ and they feed on humans.  No silly vegetarians in this book!  Just red-eyed human killers!  I had read a little interview with SM and she said to read this book before seeing Eclipse. I thought ‘jeez, marketing ploy much?!’ but I have to say…she’s right…the Twi books are all mostly in Bella’s POV (except for some annoying wolf shit – GAH!). So, if she doesn’t see it, it basically didn’t happen, as far as the reader knows.  This book gives some nice background on the newborn army, Victoria, Riley…and some details about the Volturi’s involvement that you need to  know!!!

One peeve?  At the end, when Bree meets Edward…she refers to him as ‘the redhead’…REDHEAD?  Hello?! His hair is bronze or copper..not RED.  And, she doesn’t seem to think he’s that hot. Hello???  It’s freaking Edward Cullen. He is PERFECT.

That is all.

I know, I know, another Twi Post

Forgive me, for I have Twilighted you to death this week! lol Here’s the new Bella poster:

Total Bitch Brow

So, let’s examine, shall we? What is UP with her eyebrows?  Way too thin…and her left brow (on the right as you look at it) is much higher than the other.  Maybe that’s on purpose?  Really looks like she’s giving someone the Bitch Brow. Aka the WTF brow. Or the ‘I’ll Cut a Bitch’ brow.  Regardless, Bella looks tres fierce.  Like ‘don’t try to kiss me, Jacob or I’ll punch you in your lupine jaw’ lol

The wig looks good here. In some of the clips it looks frizzy and so fake. Hope her real hair is grown out for Breaking Dawn. The wigs have been Utter FAIL in this franchise, doncha think?