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Yet Another List of Petty Annoyances

It’s been a bitchy week here…possibly hormonal?

  1. Idiots in parking lots racing down the lanes, begging to be t-boned.
  2. DC humidity
  3. sinus headaches
  4. Walking into a bathroom stall wherein someone has apparently been disemboweled.
  5. Walking into a bathroom stall and smelling the unmistakable eau-de-old-lady: baby powder, White Shoulders, Depends, mints, and a little bit of poop.
  6. People who don’t pick up their dog’s shit and leave it to fester and become fly food.
  7. Other people’s whining snot-nosed children.
  8. The sound of someone’s flip flops flip-slap-flopping down an otherwise quiet hallway.
  9. Most companies’ telephone systems.
  10. Face deforming giant jawline pimples that are unpoppable.
  11. yip yapping chihuahuas (sorry Ash!)
  12. The sound of my 105 lb lab licking his penis for 15 straight minutes.
  13. Megan Fox’s whorish mouth
  14. Jennifer Aniston’s nipples
  15. Katherine Heigl