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Schwarzenegger Fathered Out-of-Wedlock Baby

And there you have it…we wondered what would make Maria leave after 25 years of marriage…well, fathering a baby with a member of their “household staff” would do it, doncha think??

The way it’s phrased as “household staff” has my mind spinning…was it a maid or something?? Juicy! lol

But, that means this is someone Maria knew. Probably knew her well. UGH.  Makes me sick to my stomach for her.

Anyway, I’m so glad I don’t have a daughter. If I did, advice #1 would be Never marry a politican…advice #2? Never marry an actor. Arnold is/was both so, of course, this isn’t a shocker.

Condoms. Has ANYONE ever heard of them??  Not only did he cheat on her, he did so without a condom…I would be using bleach and a bottle brush to clean the germs out of there, kwim? eek!

Schwarzenegger Fathered Out-of-Wedlock Baby.

Elizabeth Hurley Files for Divorce, Cites “Unreasonable Behavior” – Healthy Lifestyle – UsMagazine.com



“Unreasonable Behavior”?? Sounds JUICY! haha  I never liked this clown.  He seems like one of those icky uber-rich businessmen who do “high class” hookers when on “business trips” and feel no remorse or guilt at all, kwim?  He looks very smug and awful. Yuck.

They’re both apparently doing other people right now so I guess it’s just paperwork at this point. *shakes head*

Elizabeth Hurley Files for Divorce, Cites “Unreasonable Behavior” – Healthy Lifestyle – UsMagazine.com.

Woe Is Pete Wentz



For people looking for the reason that Ashlee Simpson is divorcing Pete Wentz, here ya go!  How could she look at that for the rest of her life?! Good Lord, he is NOT an attractive creature! His hair alone is going to give me nightmares! I hate to say I miss his flat ironed girly Justin Bieber-esque mop! And he is all druggy skinny and icky. And even his tatts are douchey.

Woe Is Pete Wentz.