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Retail Ragey Rage

The Frug and I just celebrated 14 years of marriage! WOW! Time flies when you’re having fun, right?! We like to spend one evening AWAY from the kidsovernight to rekindle ye olde romance. You clowns who have multiple sets of loving grandparents who will take your kids for you while you jet off to Paris can go to hell. The Frug and I have to pay out the butt for an overnight babysitter for our “Big Night.”  *growls*

I like to be very groomed and coiffed and looking vaguely a photo of the girl he married…perhaps that photo was in a pocket and got crumpled or washed or something tho. *giggles* ANYWAY, I did my grooming: fresh highlights, a light chemical peel, brow and snatch wax (haha), the usual.  That’s for ME. He doesn’t notice any of it.  He’s more interested in what I’m wearing. (over top of the skinny, well toned, gosh-his-wife-is-such-a-hard-body, body)

Also bought a bunch of items, mostly tops, for the big anniversary weekend.  I did a little “fashion show” for him and we decided what I would keep for my Date Night (aka slutty) attire and what would go back.  He enjoys the show and I enjoy the shopping so we both win.

The Amex is closing today so I had to fly around madly returning what I didn’t want!  My life is tres difficult, people! I think I went to no fewer than 7 stores. Lord, that doesn’t make me sound too good, does it? Haha

So, returns went pretty smoothly. One store conveniently offers emailed receipts so even *I* can’t lose it! Another store didn’t care if I had the receipt or not, they simply look it up in their system and return the $ in the manner you paid. All typical, right? SOP as my dad would say — Standard Operating Procedure.

No. Not at all, as it turns out. Purchased a few things from BCBG — the one in Georgetown. The staff is really nice, especially this lovely little French (?) lady who helped me with sizes. When they rang me up, they said “You have 10 days to return or exchange.”  I thought “Hmm, that’s pretty quick” but whatever.  I knew I could make it back there within that timeframe, no biggie.

Went into the BCBG in Pentagon City yesterday morning, items unworn, tags on, receipt in hand.  The guy rang the items up and then said “Okay, your store credit is $xxx” and I’m like, “What? Store Credit?? I have the AmEx right here AND the receipt” and then he shows me the fine print on the receipt:

Return unworn items, with receipt, within 10 days for exchange or store credit. No refunds.

MFWTF? If you buy there, you NEVER get your money back. Receipt or not. That’s what the receipt should say. I am APPALLED!!!!  There was no sign in the store saying NO REFUNDS. No one alerted me to the STRINGENT “return policy” (if you can even call it that!). I am FURIOUS!!  I was counting on getting that $$ credited back on the AmEx before the Frug kills me!

This is a global company. It’s not a Mom and Pop down the street. I had my receipt. I returned the items unworn within 4 days. Store credit?!??  )(@$&)@%

Oh, and to compound things in a way only I can…I got an email on Sunday from bcbg.com with a 20% off coupon code and Free Shipping offer (online only)…so, being frugal, I thought “Hey, I really like 2 of those tops. I’ll order them online for the 20% off and then return the others to the store!” So, on Monday, I do so. And feel quite pleased with myself.  By Tues, I get r-a-p-e-d in the store…come home to confess to the Frug that I have been violated brutally by a horrific “return policy”…and then also confess the online purchase…

So…after talking to him, I try to cancel the online order since I now have this store credit b/s…my order has not shipped so I figured that I could cancel it. In their “Customer Service” area, it states that “Once an order is placed, it cannot be cancelled“. Of course not. There is no “email us” option on their web site. Shocking.  There is a phone number which I call…”Speak to a representative” is not an option.  Amazing. I dig thru the fine print on their web site and find out that I can return the online order (within 30 days – so generous! *rolls eyes*) and get a refund in the manner in which I paid. FINALLY some good news.

I’m just shocked at the “Customer Service“. *snorts derisively* It’s 2011! I should be able to return clothing and get the credit back on my AmEx. I should be able to email their Customer Service department. If I call them, I should be able to SPEAK to someone. Right??? RIght??  Am I completely crazy? Wait, don’t answer that.