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That Touching Moment When Angie Inhales The Life Out Of Brad In Front Of Everybody


Michael K!!! My God I LOVE him!  He calls Angie a “bag of bones” and a “succubus” with “whore pit vipers crawling under her skin“!!!!  And he finished her off with “I bet that dress smells like cold death, dried tar and black licorice.”

How does he come up with this stuff?!?!  And please don’t stop!


That Touching Moment When Angie Inhales The Life Out Of Brad In Front Of Everybody.

Brad Pitt &Angelina Jolie: Cannes ‘Tree Of Life’ Premiere [PHOTOS] – Socialite Life

Is it just me or does Brad Pitt have a little Jack Nicholson thing going on here?   Something about the glasses and the smile…and I hate his hair!!!!  It needs a good shampooing and a CUT!  Maybe he and Tom Brady can get a 2-for-1 special??

And I HATE her dress. And her stupid ugly tattoos. *growls*

Now, THESE pix epitomize Cannes and the old/hot Brad Pitt for me:

See??? I know he was already banging AJ behind her back BUT the Pitts looked glowy and happy here.

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: Cannes ‘Tree Of Life’ Premiere [PHOTOS] – Socialite Life.

“Bitch, Don’t Even Think Of Going Anywhere!”

I see Brad Pitt loves those leather pants…*gags* His entire ensemble is douchey. Starting with the hair…and finishing up w/those pants. UGH. And I hate Angie’s dress too…and her hair. These 2 can look amazing…they are both gorgeous people…Brad, lose those God awful pants and do something w/that mop (is he going for the Tom Brady look?? Say it isn’t so!) and Angie, you’re 35 years old…stop dressing like an old lady. Seriously, that looks like something Betty White could wear to the Oscars (well, maybe with a nice shrug over it lol)…she’s young, skinny and sexy…that’s doesn’t last – work it while you can…

“Bitch, Don’t Even Think Of Going Anywhere!”.

Who Is Megan Fox’s Mystery Sex Partner No. 2?

Bitch please. Megan ‘Blow Job Lips’ Fox claims she has slept with 2 guys. Bullshit. TWO?  She’s with David from 90210 so I would imagine he is one of the ‘two’…and she claims to have had a childhood sweetheart. Come on. Such craziness. And, there is that nasty rumor that she did the dirty with my main man, Robert. *whispers ‘please don’t let that be true’*  Anyway, there is no way in hell an actress *cough* has only slept with 2 guys.  But even if that were true?  STFU about it. Yeesh.

This is all reminding me of when my other Hollywood ‘nemesis’ Angelina Jolie tried to say she had only slept with 4 guys. She’s been married 3 times and is now sucking the lifeblood out of former hottie Brad Pitt. So, count ’em, FOUR.  Bitch PLEASE.

Why do they a) LIE b) keep TMI-ing c) think we care???

Who Is Megan Fox’s Mystery Sex Partner No. 2?.

In other Bad Taste News

I have this article and 2 pix…and I will preface it by saying, ‘YES, I realize that I am going to HELL’…

You can check out the article about Brad and Angie’s twins but I just wanted to post the pix in case you don’t have the time to click on the link…

So, check ’em out. They are sometimes called ‘The Holy Twins’ as their older bio sister is called ‘The Chosen One’…but, let’s be real…and maybe a bit mean?? Is it just me, and it may well just be me, but don’t they look…a little bit…special??  Just for the record, in case you haven’t heard, I happen to have a special needs kiddo of my own…so, even though I am in a glass house, I think I can throw a tiny pebble, kwim?  They just seem a little low tone in the face (and my child has that and he still has those chubby baby cheeks at age 8)…and the open mouths…and the sort of blank stares…bulbous noggins too…I don’t know…maybe I am just a bitch and a terrible person.  Not news, right?  And, to have that awful AWFUL Angelina as your mom??  The odds are not good for these kids! 😉

Brad Pitt’s Beard

is still there.  I know it’s for a role but honestly, how long has he had this thing? How great could this role be to make him look this shitty for so long?  I read somewhere that Angelina likes it.  Of course she does…eye roll

Look how smug he looks here...he thinks he looks good! WTH?

So, I’ve been thinking…that thing cannot smell good.  I think it must smell like cigarettes…old man (46! lol)…mexican food…and Angelina’s vagina. ‘Nuff said.

Jennifer Aniston Battles the “Ghost of Brangelina”

Ted C. (love him!!) from E! is on fire in this article. Says of Brad Pitt: he’s totally turned into Angie’s sperm-and-stroller bitch”…also mentions Brad’s “graying, hairy-ass, slightly soft”…OUCH and gigglesnort and AGREE from this girl.

I think I’ve said before — I would marry this guy if a) I wasn’t already married to the Wonder that is the Frug and b) he wasn’t gay…le sigh…;-)

via Jennifer Aniston Battles the “Ghost of Brangelina”.

Would You Hit It? Brad Pitt, what happened to you?

Honestly, I used to LOVE this man. He was the hottest. Now look at him? MFWTF???? It is definitely Angelina’s fault! He was gorgeous when he was with Jennifer Aniston. If you aren’t offended by Dlisted, check out his article on the ex-hotness that is Brad Pitt…vulgar hilarity of the best kind…

Would You Hit It?

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