Spring Break!



12 is on break now but Sarcasmo is not on break until next week. So, there is no rest for the weary here. No carefree days and sleeping in. *curses*


Has anyone been clothes shopping lately? It’s spring FINALLY and nothing gets me in the mood for good weather like a little SHOPPING! (say that in Oprah voice please) So, what year is it?? Hard to tell based on the clothing I’ve seen.


Crop tops.

High waisted skirts and shorts.

Crop tops paired with high waisted skirts.



Short overalls.



Rompers and overalls are for toddlers, first off. Secondly, this look was popular when? The early 90s? Ohai Rachel from Friends. (notthatthereisanythingwrongwithlookinglikeRachelfromFriends) And how does one pee?? I assume people with bladder control issues (who are not diapered toddlers, obvs) should not wear these. I mean, I realize that one can just unsnap the top part but then there’s the dangling straps that might drag onto the floor of a public restroom…*shrieks*…and then the item must be burned b/c there’s no recovering from that kind of contamination, right???


Side note: my fave Kelly look from that era…pale denim overall JUMPER with white tee and Timberland boots.  I was so cute back then. *sighs*

Even Nordstrom is in on this f*ckery. Look, faux leather overalls!  SEXXXXXY. shopping

Now these floral ones are truly offensive.


They’re overalls. They are FLORAL. There is a drawstring “waist.” They are capri length (and nice Birkenstocks there, missy)…and have over sized pockets…Dear Lord, how many ultimate fashion violations can coexist in one item?? And insult to life threatening injury?? They cost $116. $116!!!!!!! To look like a fat, unfashionable, hippie gym teacher. (no offense to fat hippie gym teachers. #respect) Oh, and please note the crop top under it. *sighs* Eh tu, Nordstrom?

Briefly want to comment on the crop top/high waisted skirt thing. It’s EVERYWHERE. I just don’t get it. Is that 1 inch sliver of skin supposed to be racy? Sexy? Why??? Even Mindy Freaking Kaling (whom I ADORE) is wearing it.


Eh tu. Mindy??  WHY?? I will admit the color is nice on her and her skin is gorgeous and glowy.


One Fruggism is “You can wear anything you want if you’re thin.” *scowls* Even super thin, I wouldn’t be wearing the pleather overalls or the crop top/skirt business. Right??


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