S’pose I Should Comment…

…on the Kimye wedding.


I think the New York Post said it well:



So, how old is she? 30 something? THREE MARRIAGES??? TTTHHHHRRRREEEEEE.

Good Lord.

I like this shot of the pair of them:


She’s a lovely girl, really. Gorgeous skin. Beautiful hair. The ass is contained here and doesn’t appear to be trying to escape Kanye’s clutches. RUN WHILE YOU CAN!

I really like this photo too. Again, ass contained. I love the sleek, low-profile veil although it’s completely inappropriate for a 3rd time bride to be wearing it. JFC. It actually reminds me a bit of the lace mantilla thingy I wore to my First Communion.It probably cost more than my first car though. lol

So, what are the odds for these two obnoxious famewhores??? I think 5 years is way too optimistic. I’m going with 3 years. She cannot have another 3 months marriage, right?  And they have a daughter together so maybe that will help??

A special shout out to some evil geniuses who thought of this… IsKimyeDivorcedYet.com. So so so very angry that this wasn’t my idea. Le Sigh. Current stats — 3 days, 5 hours, 37 minutes, 52 seconds of wedded bliss.

Anyway, they’re honeymooning now. How long til all the pix are up for sale?????



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