Quick Springtime PSA

After the never-ending winter, I *think* it’s safe to say it’s now SPRING. Before you scamper off to shove your hooves into your fave flip flops, take a moment to look at those feet. Really look at them. I’m betting they’re pretty gross right now. Months and months of being trapped in boots and thick socks and dry heat. Not. Good.

I know getting “super premium” pedicures is not the most frugal option. *side eyes the Frug* But you can do simple maintenance at low-to-ZERO cost. Maybe start by WASHING them. Honestly, you have no idea how filthy feet are and some people don’t seem to realize it. *shudders* My Rachel always washes her feet before getting into bed b/c dirty feet in clean sheets skeeves her out (as it should.)

Next, check your toenails. CLIP THEM. Again, how can some people even get their feet into shoes with those long-ass curly toenails??? COME ON. I personally like a super-short toenail. If there’s any white showing, it makes me envision dirt and assorted bacteria growing under there.  Polish is a nice extra but if you’re being frugal and utilitarian, you can maybe buff them. Or just slap some cuticle oil on them. Caveat — if you’re older and have done years and years of polish, your toenails are probably nasty. Slop some polish on them, I beg you.

Next up, your heels. Probably dry. Crusty. Cracked. Time to scrape that dead skin off! My fave tool is this:

Mine is double sided, coarser on one side. I like that it’s large and sturdy and makes the heels smooth. Some of the other tools make your heels rough and scratchy – which is the OPPOSITE of what we’re going for here. Sit somewhere, perhaps over a trashcan, and scrape scrape scrape. I find the foot dust that comes off very satisfying to see. What? It’s a nice visual! Use some muscle. I personally do this for much longer than I should but that’s just me. 😉  You’ll need to do this again after you’ve been wearing sandals for a while. (excuse me while I go do this…OBSESSED)

I found this amazing heel balm at Sally’s Beauty Supplies #frugal. It’s the BEST. Slather it on your newly smooth heels (and the rest of your soles) and put some socks on for a while. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff. It really works.


thanks to KTB for the image!

Now don’t let all this bare bones frugal talk fool you. I am aaaallllllll about the spa pedi. Partially for the brutal callous removal at my usual place but mostly for the pro polish. I am incapable of polishing my own toes. Cannot. Zero motor skills. And the Frug is not about to go all Bull Durham on me and paint my piggies. *shudders*

I guess my point is BE AWARE. Take a good look at your own feet. Others will. They will look and judge. Have some pride! Or, at the very least, practice good hygiene!


SHAVE YOUR TOES. You know you need to.

That is all.


2 thoughts on “Quick Springtime PSA

  1. Laughing over the “you will be judged” comment because it’s SO true! Of course living in Cali, my every 2-3 week pedi means I put my best foot forward. Love the recs for foot stuff.
    Here’s to pretty feet!


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