So, the Frug has been a busy blogging bee. I have to live his posts. I live thru the reality.The airline hacks post? Help me, Jesus.

Yes, the Frug is a super genius with all of his “hacks“…Mama needs her fancy vacations, right? And the Frug has to find THE BEST DEAL. The process is extremely painful. It usually involves multiple Saturdays. He holes up in his office for hours, going from one computer screen to the next (one mac, one PC…and his iPhone too) intermittently yelling:

“COW! When is spring break?”

“COW! Come down here and look at these dates!”  

“COW!!! Are you sure about the dates!?!”

“Are you sure you want to go to an island? I think we should go camping in the Adirondacks.”  (side note: NO)

What if we rented an RV instead?” NO!!!!

“My sister has a place in Maine. No electricity or indoor plumbing. It would be a good experience for the boys!” NO.

“COW! I found a great deal but there’s a nine hour layover in Mexico City. We can use the cost savings that we get with the tickets and get a driver to take us around Mexico City for a couple hours! Doesn’t that sound great?!”

No. Just NO.

Then come the phone calls to the airlines.

What do you mean there is only one frequent flyer ticket available? The flight is 8 months from now! I need to speak to your manager!”  

And then calls to the points program folks. “What? You want 70,000 points for this ticket? I need to speak to your manager!”

Finally, he pulls the trigger and the tickets are purchased. The next few Saturdays are spent second guessing the choice and the Deal.


You may wonder why I’m not more involved. Welp, that is a story for another time. Soon I shall regale you with my one attempt at making travel arrangements.

Not. Pretty.

Have a Slothful and Superficial Sunday!

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