Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale

So sad.  I used to get phone calls to remind me, a Very Important Customer, to come in to shop the Sale.  The Shoe Dept and certain cosmetics counters would call me, tantalizing me w/the special purchase offers, etc. No more. Back in my shopping heyday (pre-Brad), I was a Nordy-holic.  Lunches w/Rachel at the Cafe…makeovers with Tina.  Le sigh. I was at the mall today, shopping for Brad’s bday, and saw the signs.  Stab in my heart.

One of Brad’s first acts as Husband and Chief Bill Payer was to take my Nordstrom card and CUT IT UP.  I heard something about “24% interest” and “large balances” or something but I was too busy shrieking and crying to pay attention.

Anyway, if you are employed, have a life that doesn’t revolve around child care/dog walking/laundry, go check out the shoes…the glorious shoes. 

That is all.

3 thoughts on “Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale

  1. Remember when Nordie’s had the 1/2 price dinner entree? We’d go shopping and spend lots of money we didn’t have and then get a $3 gourmet dinner?

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