News Flash! I’ve accepted a Full-Time Job!

It’s been a part-time gig for a while now…but, I’ve resigned myself to the fact that dealing w/my HAIR is a full time job. Starting at the top…the gray roots. Seriously?  How fast do they grow in? I think, money being no object (*chuckling at the Frug’s reaction to THAT*), I could conceivably get my roots touched up every 2.5-3 weeks. And then the highlights are every 6-8 weeks on top of that! GAH!  The Frug better go sell something ’cause Mama needs her roots done AGAIN! lol

Moving on…the chin hair. WTH? I get that (and the ‘stache and brows) done every 2 weeks or so. Even with that, I am plucking out the chin hairs DAILY. And they are not soft little baby hairs. They are SPIKES.  I suppose I should just be happy that they’re blonde. *sighs*

Further south?  Yes, the bikini area…I had a lovely, thorough, and yet not terribly painful, wax right before we left for Mexico.  I am now watching in horror as it grows back. You’d think that it would all grow in evenly. Nope. It’s patchy. Parts of it sort of resemble a Hitler-esque moustache. And that is NOT sexy. *cackles* Some spots are still bald as a cue ball, others are like an inch long. WTH?  Thankfully no one’s looking that closely. *whew*

Legs/underarms? Daily. Now that’s it’s nicer weather, definitely a daily mowing needs to be done on those areas. And, if I’m really being honest, the legs could use another round at around 5pm. Yes, I am so hairy that my legs get a 5 o’clock shadow. Just lucky I guess *rolls eyes*

*sigh* Well, I’d better log off…time to mow some misc. body part…

2 thoughts on “News Flash! I’ve accepted a Full-Time Job!

  1. I am LMAO. Well until I realized that I am doing the same damn thing…But just add more gray in other “areas” for me…

  2. KWYM about the hair chins. And in grown hairs what the hell is up with them all curled up and when you yank them out they are like double in size. Freaky

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