Monday Misc.

Rainy Monday.  Fitting. Gloom. Doom. Sigh.  Actually, no time for moping around…time to get in gear for my trip!  Much to do!!

So, my weekend first…all good.  Well, minus most of Sunday which was spent with my friends Advil, Diet Coke, greasy food, and sleep. Why does Tequila pretend to be my friend? She’s all fun and games…she’s a party…then BAM…she is no fun during daylight hours it seems.

This week is about packing…and maintenance. Have to get the grey roots taken care of…more time in the gym (torrid affair with the treadmill)…waxing of all varieties…and then there is the tanning.  I have sworn off the dreaded tanning booths. Still paying the price for my tanorexia in the 80s. Seriously though, how can something so bad for you feel so damn good????  Sigh.  Anyway, I need to do some self-tanning.  Anyone have any recommendations?  I’m using the gradual one from Jergen’s (Natural Glow)…still smells. I may find somewhere to get an airbrush tan…sculpt some abs, hide some cellulite…anyone ever done that???  Share!

Leaving in 5 days!!!!!  Wooooooooooooooooooooo!

4 thoughts on “Monday Misc.

  1. HEY ! was JUST thinking of this tanning prob !! i fly off to hawaii next week….yeah – i know……and the thought of being pasty white in summer clothes….SHUDDER ! was thinking of that mystic tan or airbrush thing….havent done any of it. like you – so sad that the skin cancer beds are off-limits. 😉
    ANYhoo….let me know what you do and if ya recommend !! personally – self tanners SUCK, so i’m desperate for an alternative !!

    • I have done the mystic tan several times for various events. Definitely works! Just have to make sure you follow the directions so you don’t end up w/ your hands and feet looking weird. Be prepared to feel a little claustrophobic in the booth. And you have to hold your breath! Still want to do it? 🙂

  2. If you SWEAT with the mystic tan, it WILL come off on your clothes. I am seriously weighing the liklihood of skin cancer with tanning booths. What if you wear a 8 SPF in the tanning booth? Why does it have to be bad for you??? SUCKAGE!! Have a fun time on your trip – do you have your meds for the plane ride?

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