Miracle Noodles!!!!

OMG! OMG!  I think I may be the last to know about these — Miracle Noodles! *spins in a circle*

Have you heard about them?  Noodles (shouty capitals alert) with ZERO CALORIES!  ZERO CARBS! ZERO FAT!!  ZERO GLUTEN!! ZERO SOY!!!! And they are even KOSHER!

*falls down panting*

They are made from a natural fiber source called Glucomannan. No, I have no idea WTF that is. (see above for the ZERO list instead)  They have no flavor at all and take on the flavor of whatever they are cooked with. Sort of like how tofu is supposed to be — but so ISN’T. *vomits*

Anyway, bought 2 bags of the angel hair kind at Whole Foods. They are in the refrigerated section with the yucky tofu products. *pauses to vomit again* I have had them in the fridge for a week now. They were in there, lurking, terrifying me. I wasn’t sure about them. I wanted to try them but I have so many food issues that I was scared! lol and not kidding.

Apparently, I read that there is an odor when you open the package. I hate things that smell. What if I threw up? I hate to throw up!!!! AAHH Anyway, I manned up and decided to cook those noodles today. I chose a strongly spiced Pad Thai recipe, nothing fancy, just used a spice packet from Sun Bird.

Opened the bags (they come in a clear plastic bag and feel icky and slimy) at the sink with the water running (you have to rinse them in a colander to start with)…I held my breath and tossed them under the water and left them for a good 2 minutes. (I seriously hate smells!)  Then they got blanched in boiling water for a minute or 2. 

After that I let them sit in the spicy marinade for a good hour. Again, worried about some sort of funky taste or smell. These noodles do not get mushy at all, btw. Very al dente despite all the rinsing and boiling and soaking.  Anyway, added them to some cooked chicken and broccoli…

(Hope, before you ask, no, I did not eat the yucky veggies. I put the noodles and chicken on my plate separately. And ate them separately. Food issues, people!)

Soooo, verdict???  OMG OMG OMG!!!  Really good!  Def. al dente…def tasted like the Pad Thai sauce, which was yummy.  The Frug and even Sarcasmo (a hater of all new and weird things — only when cooked by me) asked for seconds.

I think they’d be weird with a tomato sauce b/c that’s just so Italian and this, while excellent, is NOT like a good quality pasta. I also don’t know if it would be any good done my fave way — tossed with garlic and olive oil. Maybe though??  We shall see. I’m just amazed that it was so good. And, ZERO CALORIES!  ZERO CARBS! ZERO FAT!!  ZERO GLUTEN!! ZERO SOY!!!!

3 thoughts on “Miracle Noodles!!!!

  1. OMG!! I am TOTALLY GOING TO WHOLE FOODS TODAYRIGHTNOWOMG!! Thanks for the info. I cannot WAIT to try them!!!!!

  2. Sold me too, sister…..I’ll be by a WF tomorrow or Sat…..on the list !
    And I must say….very proud of you…..wouldnt have believed you would eat them – especially when I saw the pic and a VEGGIE mixed in…..glad you made me the special “note”…..of COURSE I woulda asked…;-)
    On a “recommendation” note….thanks for the TJ’s peanut butter with sea salt tip……so digging it with the apple slices….or off the spoon…..keep ’em coming, girlie…..xo

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