Lindsay’s New Lawyer: She’s Going to Jail

So, Princess Trainwreck is going to jail…this Tuesday.  Hope and I were texting a week or so ago saying that Linds is definitely going to meet someone in jail…and perhaps there’ll be a sex tape! Here’s hoping!  She’s been having money problems (what with snorting or shooting up all her earnings from when she had a career)…I think all those problems could go away if she sold a video like “Lindsay Lohan’s Lesbian Orgy in Jail”, right?  Pervy freaks would LOVE that (sick bastards)…

Lindsay’s New Lawyer: She’s Going to Jail.

One thought on “Lindsay’s New Lawyer: She’s Going to Jail

  1. So rumor today is that her sentence getting reduced from 90 days to 2 wks because “the jail is so full”.
    Let’s hope she got busy her first night in jail and got that video movin along…….;-)

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