It Just Doesn’t Matter…

Yes, I’m dating myself with this particular reference. I’m old!  Excellent sentiment though. And Bill Murray is always a win. IT JUST DOESN’T MATTER!

Realizing that I’ve wasted years of my life obsessing about crap that doesn’t matter. At all.

Perfect photos from vacations.

Halloween costumes.

Christmas cards.

Matching (or coordinating) Christmas jammies (for the aforementioned Christmas card pix)

School pix. No one looks at them for more than a split second, right?

New outfit for the Ravens game 😉 (well, this does matter. lol)

New outfits in general. Sigh. No one is really looking at me anyway. #oldladyproblems

Bathing suits. Used to have 7 different suits with different matching cover ups. Now, I grab a couple cheapie suits from Target and call it a day.

Grooming. *gasps* I know, I know. I still care. But, it truly doesn’t matter. I had that TERRIBLE mani for the family Christmas party and the world didn’t end!  No one appeared to notice. Huh. Unless they were all silently judging???? Hmm.

Teacher gifts. No one gives gifts past elementary school!  WINNING!

Holiday meals. All kinds of prep for what? Complaints from Sarcasmo and goldfish and cookie eating by 12. Feh.

Xmas presents. Am going thru what I’ve gotten for the kids and the Frug. Huh. Seems like 2947304 stocking stuffers and no “big” present. Who cares? Not I. It’s one day. These kids have EVERYTHING anyway. They want for nothing. So, it just doesn’t matter.

Wish I could give advice to my younger self and say “CHILL.” Realizing I wasted all that energy for NOTHING because a) it didn’t matter anyway and b) the kids don’t remember it. Seriously. Who remembers anything from early childhood? I have vague, fuzzy fond memories of things but nothing in particular stands out. Well, the Easy Bake oven that I got when I was in 2nd grade. That’s it.

So, my kids will pretty much remember this mom. The one always on FB and Twitter, wearing her 25 year old Irish sweater and snowflake jammies, unshowered with a ratty ponytail. Pfft. DOESN’T MATTER.

Oh, I’ll leave you with one of my fave gifs, which sums up my mood (if it’s not animated, click it!):fuck-this-thing-cat

It Just Doesn’t Matter



2 thoughts on “It Just Doesn’t Matter…

  1. This whole entry makes me happy. Pffffttt…It doesn’t matter. Wish it didn’t take me til 46yo to realize!! Oh well! Starting now!

  2. LOVE this post! LOVE LOVE LOVE

    All of that doesn’t matter, but you do. You matter. Cause you are the one and only Supa.


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