Hoarder Bags

Usually my Hoarder Bags are misc. Target bags stuffed with all kinds of crap. I’ve realized that I have other Hoarder Bags…Behold!I think when “normal people” switch purses, they completely empty out the first purse, organize what was in it, then put what’s needed into the newer purse.  Not me. Where’s the fun in that? I simply take out my wallet and fave lip gloss and leave the rest of the crap behind.

So, I now have 4+ Hoarder Bags with God-knows-what in them.  I can see one is filled with receipts. Hmm. Wonder how old they are? There’s a tub of skin cream, Ray Bans, tissues, a snack (will check expiration date just for fun), probably at least 5 lip sticks, a stash of dog poop bags (empty, please God), what else??  It’s like an adventure!

Am now completely overwhelmed with the thought of going through these bags. It’s a rainy Monday. I should probably take a nap first…

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