So, yeah. It’s Mothers’ Day. (or is it Mother’s Day? That’s wrong b/c it supposed to celebrate all motherS, right? Help!)


You know what? I hate Mothers’ Day. It’s a day that is fraught with social danger. You wish someone a HMD and she’s just lost her mother. Guilt. Awkward. You say HMD to another woman and she isn’t a mom yet and wants to be desperately. Awkward. Guilt.  “What are your plans for MD?” Guilt because she has a troubled relash with her mom and has zero MD plans. Awkward. Guilt.

I think we all have enough crap in our lives and don’t need another holiday to make us feel sad or weird or estranged or apart from everyone else. Why not just have “Women’s Day”? Doesn’t matter if you’re a mom or have a mom or are single/married/hetero/lesbian/whatever. Have a Happy Women’s Day. Celebrate yourself and your own awesomeness. Go shopping. Have an ice cream. Have a margarita.

Personally, I’ve had Diet Coke and bacon already today so I win! lol

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