Creativity Sparked!

Sometimes ideas come to me in strange places. Like the mall. Specifically, the mall bathroom 😉 You know I’m a Diet Coke h00r, right? Love it. The first sound you hear in the morning from me is the *snap pop* of the can of DC being opened. *smiles* aaahhh. My favorite is fountain Diet Coke though. My first stop at the mall is any place that sells delicious refreshing fountain DC.

The problem with all that DC is the pee. So so so much pee. God, I have to pee just writing the word pee. It’s like seeing someone yawn, kwim? haha Anyway, my shopping excursions are punctuated by trips to the bathroom. I know where the best ones are in all the local malls. Yeah, I’m proud. lol Anyway, I usually have a semi-full DC when I realize it’s bathroom time. What to do with that drink???  Don’t want to pitch it, right? (that wouldn’t be frugal! haha) Can’t just chug it. That leaves bringing it into the germ-laden bathroom. *shudders*

It creeps me out whenever I carry my vulnerable drink-with-straw-sticking-out into a public restroom. There are farticles in the air!  Airborne Ebola! Flesh eating bacteria!  Toilet plume (click this link too!!  aahh)! All trying to cling to my straw! GAH!

What to do?? I would ideally like to have a minion who would wait patiently for me outside the restroom, holding my purchases and my DC. Failing that (le sigh) is maybe something like a Drink Condom? A disposable plastic wrap that you put over your drink as you enter the bathroom and remove as you leave. I’m envisioning a mini shower cap type item.


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