Eclipse Trailer!

SQUEAL!!!  (however, this looks like an action flick Рwhere the hell are Edward and Bella and the LOVE?! *sighs)

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The Slortini

The Slortini. Loving the name of this drink (I found it on twitter via a message board)

**Slore means just what it sounds like, Slut+Whore…for further clarification, see Urban Dictionary**

Please be aware that this cocktail is “slore approved”

1 1/2 oz Citrus vodka (I like Kettle One, but you can use whatever you like.)
3/4 oz Triple Sec (I like Cointreau.)
1/2 oz Chambord Liqueur
1/2 ounce lemon juice
lemon twist for garnish

In martini shaker, fill with ice, add vodka, triple sec and lemon juice.
Shake thoroughly and strain into chilled martini glass.
Pour Chambord down the center of the drink for layered affect (red bottom, yellow/white up top).
Garnish with a lemon twist. (I was going to say if desired…but lemons are ALWAYS desired.)

AnnaLynne McCord in a Bikini

Ho My God! I think AnnaLynne McCord is cute…and she is apparently doing Kellan *drools* Lutz…but someone should tell her to be more of a LADY when out in public in her bikini! ¬†You can almost see *in* her bikini bottom. I guess I could have just said ‘bottom’ b/c there’s not much to the bikini, MEOW!


She was great as an uber-slutty-vixen-Lolita girl on Nip/Tuck…haven’t really watched much of 90210…b/c how could it top the original, right?????

The Superficial – AnnaLynne McCord in a Bikini

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Fighting The Hot One Toe At A Time

I have seen these ‘shoes’ in stores and wondered Who the HELL would wear them…apparently *this guy*…eeuuww

Maybe I’m just jealous b/c my Irish-digging-for-potates peasant toes would never fit in there?? Maybe.

Wait, it’s Channing Tatum who is a hotty. Damn, those fugly shoes are powerful.

Fighting The Hot One Toe At A Time

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Kate Hudson at Coachella gives a good look at the alleged breast enhancement 19apr10

I know, I know…more on Kate Hudson’s breasts. WHY?! ¬†lol It is interesting, right? If she did get them done, they are, um, tasteful?? She does have to walk a fine line…with her personality (aka sluttiness) she needs to be careful with the boobage. Go too big and suddenly she looks like Pamela Anderson or that horrifying Heidi Montag person. Plus, she is an actress and if the boobs are too big, the roles are more limited (to slutty roles, kwim?)…

I guess if you have a ton of $$ you can go small and tasteful without feeling like you got ‘cheated’ or something. ¬†People on a budget want their money’s worth! lol ūüėČ

Kate Hudson at Coachella gives a good look at the alleged breast enhancement 19apr10.

Saturday recap

Dropped 11 off at 8:30am to go on his first Boy Scout campout. He was in shorts, short-sleeved shirt, on a 40 degree morning…and belligerent about needing warmer clothes…I decided this was going to be a ‘teachable moment’ for him and let him go! Not without some trepidation b/c he is my firstborn and this was his first campout and we are *NOT* an outdoorsy kind of family. *sigh*

Checked out the school’s ‘Fun Run’…8 ate 3 donuts and talked to his buddies who ran in the race…he told them ‘don’t worry, I am NOT running the 5K’..which I found very very funny. People were asking me why I didn’t run it…a) it’s 8am b) it’s freaking cold c) hello? running??? No thanks…I shall walk on the treadmill and walk the dog til my last breath but these big wrestler legs do not run.

Rest of day was spent with the laundry…small ‘win’…dryer was finally fixed…birds had decided to nest in the dryer vent so it had been clogged with all kinds of nest making items. WTH and eeuuww!?

Had dinner plans with friends. ¬†Wore the Kelly jeans AGAIN. I think my cost-per-wear is less than $5 by now ūüėČ ¬†At first I had a skirt on and the Frug asked me ‘is that what you’re wearing?’ *glare* I let him live. Why I’m not sure b/c later, he looked at the shoes I had on and said ‘I don’t think those wedge shoes go with jeans’…MFWTF? ¬†Again, I let him live. I must be getting soft in my old age.

Met up with Regular Bob (sadly, he left Fun Bob at home) and Fawn, Robin and Wrench (who are getting married *squeal*) and “Rachelle” and “Richie”… You may remember Rachelle from this night aka Saturday Night Shame…Rachelle was the girl with the wig and riding crop. ¬†She’s a fun girl and this Sat. was no exception! lol ¬†Lots of chatting and story telling and whatnot…I had decided earlier in the day that I was NOT going to be Drunk Girl and then Hangover Girl…so, I asked the Frug to help me restrain myself! Fun Rachelle ordered shots later and I had to say NO…*le sigh* ¬†But, you know what? I felt damn good on Sunday and I was able to remember all of Saturday night!! ¬†A win all around!

Oh, one more note…Fawn had on a killer watch! Good Husband Bob gave her this awesome Michael Kors watch for her bday! ¬†White strap, huge face with diamonds all around it…loved it! I think this is the one:I sat next to her and coveted it all night…well, I coveted it when I wasn’t drooling over Robin’s monster size engagement ring!! ¬†Hello 3 carats?!

That’s all for now! The Frug is sending me To Do’s…shall I let him live? hmmm…


Had 2 sangrias at dinner on Saturday night…one wine at the next place we went…woke up on Sunday morning, clear eyed and feeling good.


Moderation works.

Who knew?

Frightening Stat

Just got a ‘Scout Status’ report for 11…btw, he joined Boy Scouts 2 months ago and hasn’t asked to QUIT yet! ¬†It’s a freaking miracle!

Anyway, the status report, for some unknown reason, has a column titled ‘Months until turns 18’…WTF? I don’t need to think about that…he is a BABY. Just born.

*whispers* 77 months til he turns 18…and he went to kindergarten early so he will turn 18 and go right to college 2 weeks later.


Police Called To Restrain Alexander Skarsgard

They could have called ME in to restrain Alexander Skarsgard. ¬†mmm mmm mmm ¬†He is hawt, no?! ¬†Finally getting around to watching True Blood…I think we’re on the 2nd season now…and Mr. Superhot Viking Vampire has certainly caught my eye…better than Bill and his shiteous bangs, kwim?!

Super tall, broad shoulders...*swoons*

On another note…can someone explain WTH Coachella is about? ¬†Seems like an excuse for celebs to convene in the desert and drink, get stoned, and get sunburned…am I wrong?

Police Called To Restrain Alexander Skarsgard.