Britney Spears Suit Claims Sexual Harassment, Abuse

Okay, what do we think of this?  It claims that Britney exposed her vajayjay to this guy…and that she had loud sex and the kids could hear it…and that she beat her kids with a belt…and that she fed them seafood despite their allergies…

I can totally see her exposing herself to the security guy. Heck, half the planet saw her beaver a few years ago, right?  The loud sex? C’mon!  Why is that even in the lawsuit?! Is that a crime?? (sure hope not! lol)

The beating and the seafood thing? Gee, I don’t know. She seems like more of a hands off parent than that…like ‘let the nanny take care of it’ kwim?


Britney Spears Suit Claims Sexual Harassment, Abuse.

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