Big News Day

So, we have happy news! Jennifer Garner FINALLY gave birth!  My goodness, wasn’t she preggs FOREVAH!?!  And huge too! (meow) Normal name, thank God. Samuel. The Afflecks seem to be “normal” parents. I like them a lot. (I hear she is a huge bitch tho! lol Aren’t we all?)

(see People’s coverage of that)

And SAD SAD SAD news!  Davy Jones died!  OMG!  I LOVED him as a kid. He was my first Brit crush!  I watched the Monkees all the time despite my brother mocking them for being wanna-be Beatles. Whatevs. He was cute and had a sweet accent. I keep waiting for them to interview Maureen McCormick about this. MARCIA MARCIA MARCIA!

(see People’s article on my favorite Monkee)

And now I leave you with a little Daydream Believer…

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