Be Careful What You Wish For…

Keep thinking about that phrase/ominous warning…”Be careful what you wish for.

For years I’ve been bitching about the kids — so loud running around the house, screaming “mommy mommy mommy!” and that changed to “MOM” in a low foghorn tone. “I need this” and “I need that!” And the dog barking at NOTHING and whining at the door to go out. And chasing the cat. Cue the howls and hisses and barks and whines.

I always kept thinking “shut up, shut up, shut up” at all of it. I’m noise sensitive, dammit! All I wanted was a little bit of peace and quiet. I usually tweet when I’m alone in the house and say how quiet it is and how amazing it is. And then 15 minutes pass and all the noisemakers return and it’s over.

So, after how many years of bitching about the noise and chaos, I have this: One kid in college, leaving a very silent and SUPER CLEAN bedroom. One dead dog, leaving behind a very silent, bark-free house (and a very silent and blissful cat!) I also have a very quiet teenage Pedro who makes very little noise, just mumbling about MasterChef and misc. reality TV shows.

I’m now thinking a very quiet house is going to soon be a lonely sad Meemaw and PawPaw kind of place with plastic slip covers on all the furniture and those hard plastic runways that you walk on so you don’t get the speck of dust or dirt on anything. Sad. Lonely. Sterile. Lifeless.

It’s suddenly not sounding very appealing, I’m looking back on those years I didn’t appreciate all the joyful noise when I had it.


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