Wow, just noticed that I haven’t updated my “About” in 4 years!  Ooops! Just a few edits…

I’m a 47 year old married mom of 2 living in Northern VA. Wow, that’s a very boring first line, no?  How about this one: I am a forty-ish former cheerleader turned SAHM…or, I am a sarcastic, celebrity gossip obsessed, selfish, lazy, sloppy spendthrift…well, perhaps it’s an “all of the above” scenario…I’ll be using this blog to post my oh-so-deep thoughts about celebs, fashion, marriage, life/death, and my life with my long suffering husband, The Frug.


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for making me laugh til I had to blow my nose. This is exactly the kind of stuff I think all day and don’t say out loud…

  2. this blog has made me painfully self aware… and by ::self:: i mean aware of the fact that i have the distinct potential to be you in a few years… haha love you long time crazy auntie

      • hey girl, saw you on sunday at the to be to party!
        You were pretty= teal/turqoise shantung sundress couture?..couldn’t get near you to tell you so; you held an audience..
        What’s in the plans for BTSN ? always a confusing yet tolerable, and almost enjoyable- with lotsa smiling- event of the year
        Do you have time to help as a stylist to the disadvantaged and disorganized?
        let me know.asap

  3. I’m glad you felt the same way about the ankle heels…I was looking all over the Internet thinking someone noticed Kristen’s shoes…those shoes were super rad. Total must have…now the maker of the awesome shoes :)…I’m gonna be looking!!

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