About Hillary Clinton’s Hair Clip….

Bahahahaha  Seriously???  Hilary Clinton wore a hair clip to meetings at the UN?? I’m even embarrassed to leave the house and go to McD’s drive thru wearing my hair like that (naturally, I DO do that but I feel badly about myself for it)…

So, what are we supposed to do when we’re out and about and our hair is in FAIL, which is, I suppose, what happened to Hilary. (giving her the benefit of the doubt here – she couldn’t possibly have styled it that way in the morning and thought she looked good, right?)  What’s an acceptable way to dealing with flat bangs or bangs in your eyes or suddenly limp and greasy hair??? Headbands? That can’t be it…usually if my hair’s effed up, my face isn’t far behind, kwim?  And Hilary got a raft of shit for wearing headbands back in the day…What’s the alternative? And why can’t scrunchies be back and be cool?  I LOVED my scrunchies. *sighs*

About Hillary Clinton’s Hair Clip…..

One thought on “About Hillary Clinton’s Hair Clip….

  1. How awful! What is she 16? Dreadful! I recently thought her hair was looking better.Her stylist must have quit. Do you remember the scrunchies that were made of fake hair in lovely colors to sort of match your own? I thought that they were brilliant at the time… now not so much.

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