A Tail of Woe

(aka Easter Incentive Trip Part Deux)

Otis. A true retriever. Born to swim. He never gets to, though. The water in the streams by our house cause nearly instant diarrhea and vomiting. It’s actually fascinating in a repulsive way.

So, as I said in the last post, young Otis got to go away for the weekend with us. Sweet pup was so excited. Bounced around the rental…I kept eyeing the lovely new hardwood floors and sighing. Eep. Saturday afternoon, the Frug and Sarcasmo took him into the river to swim. If this sounds like it was a production, it was. Otis is a runner so they had to block his ability to escape. Turns out, he wasn’t going anywhere but BACK IN THE WATER. Fetching aaaallll the sticks. Prancing on the river’s edge, waiting for the next stick to be thrown. So cute. He raced on the dock and dove into the water to get sticks. Over and over. 12 and I cheered and took pix. It was a golden time for the Frugalficial family. *cue foreboding music*’

When it was over (much too soon as far as Otis was concerned), we hosed him off and went to the deck to go back inside. Huh, what was that stuff dripping onto the wood? Oh yes. Blood. Blood from the 4 inch gash on his hind leg. Oh, and from one of his toenails too. Fantastic.

After an initial burst of angerdisgustdismay from the family, we cooly assessed the injury. Sarcasmo, bearer of a Boy Scout First Aid badge, took charge and cleaned the gaping GAPING wound. We dug around the house for a first aid kit and found some gauze and tape to keep it clean and covered.

Any local vets? Nope. Well, yes but CLOSED for the holiday weekend. Great. As the blood seeps thru the gauze. The only gauze we had. Ended up finding a Carefree pantyliner and some duct tape and, believe it or not, that worked well. Other than the “what’s a panty liner?” question. *shudders* McGyver would be proud.

So, he’s chilling out and we went to dinner. Came back to see that the wound was still bleeding but much less. And then we noticed allllll the drops of blood aaalllll ooooovvvvvveeeeerrrr the house. Hardwood floors. Tile bathrooms. Oh, and somehow he managed to jump on the bed the Frug and I were using and bled on the (new) sheets all the way to the (new) mattress pad. It was a freaking crime scene.

He didn’t sleep that night. Stayed in the room with us and sighed and moaned and licked himself crazy. Between his noise and the Frug’s snoring, I was ready to off myself.

The next morning, I got to wash sheets and blankets and the mattress pad. And go over each room that had been bloodied with a wet towel to get up the blood spots we had missed the day before. Yahoo!  Happy @)(&$ Easter!! 12 dutifully vacuumed up all the the hair the beast had shed in his “holy f*ck, I’m bleeding!!!” race thru the house.

Finally got to the vet today. Since the wound was so big and deep, he needed stitches (internal and external.) Needed to be sedated…dammit, Otis, just lie there and be still while they stitch your leg up! Oh, forgot to mention that he ended up with “Swimmers Tail”…a fun condition common to Labs and Goldens. A limp/dead tail from “overuse“…b/c they use their tails as rudders whilst swimming. So, he needed steroids and pain meds for that. And antibiotics for the wound.

Total?? A cool $475.

We “saved” $150 on boarding by bringing him with us. A $225 loss. #notfrugalatall. That sound you hear is the Frug crying a river of tears.

Let’s look at his happy face again…to ease the pain of the financial failure…priceless, right?



One thought on “A Tail of Woe

  1. I’m so happy that the pup is OK, but my Gosh, all of those “savings” went down the shitter, huh? Reading this post made me wish I could reach through my screen to hug you for real, girl. But all I’ve got is *huge hugs*

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