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College “Tools”

Hold me.

Just went to a college fair with Sarcasmo. Did they have such things when we were in school??? Surely not. I took the PSAT and then the SAT and colleges sent me stuff. Boom. I grew up in PA so the natural route was “go to Penn State.”  Not for me tho. I was given a 5 hour radius from the (beautiful) Poconos and I went exactly 5 hours away. DC baby. Boston was too cold. lol

Anyway, the college “process” (read in Brit voice — PRO-cess) is daunting. Especially for the average white boy. Good grades, not great. Not an athlete. Not creating apps in his spare time. Not volunteering with under-privileged youth. No interesting character building “troubles” or “obstacles surmounted” kwim???  aaaavvveeerrrraaaagggggeeeee. Hopefully not destined for video gaming in his underwear in our basement for good.



The little tables with brochures and the ubiquitous pens gave me flashbacks to my computer trade show days. We also gave out Cadbury Eggs back in the day. Remember those? With the disgusting white and yellow “yolk” made of sugar and lard. *shudders and yet craves too*

Was thinking of great college giveaway items for the moms, because who needs another damn pen????

Tiny portable fans for our hot flashes.

Tissues and towels (truly terrible towels) for our tears and menopausal sweat.