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What is going on??

It’s 9:30am. I’ve been up since dawn. (okay, 6:45am) I’ve taken Sarcasmo to school. Ate steel cut oats with a splash of coconut milk. Pooped. Washed and FOLDED 2 loads of laundry. Emptied and reloaded the dishwasher. Ordered new school shoes for 12. Walked the dog. About to head to the gym. Oh, and I’m WRITING.

It’s like I’m in some alternate, horrible universe. Planet Productivia or some nonsense.



Welp, it’s over. DONE. *curses*

Today is Sarcasmo’s first day of school (junior year — God help me) so that means up early. Ass crack of dawn. Sleeping in is OVAH.

Actually, yesterday wasn’t a Kelly day either. Started off at the gas station getting Sarcasmo’s car (you read that right) inspected, then off to the godforsaken DMV for 2 hours, and finished off the day by cleaning the cat litter box. *sighs deeply*

But, back to WHERE DID MY SUMMER GO?  I mean, I have some vague memories of fun times. There was a trip to Mexico…2 trips to the beach…24 hours in NYC…countless hours at the pool (note to self — make appt to have sun barnacles blasted off at the dermo), the Frug’s bday, Sarcasmo’s bday…but.. but…

But…it’s freaking FALL. Stupid pumpkin spice nonsense is already out there. The @($&(&% Halloween candy is in stores already too!

I think I am just so scarred by last winter’s endless cold and monotony…can’t help but worry that I’m facing another frigid, carb-fueled, fat-loaded suckfest.

I am CHEERY today, folks!  Nonstop giggles.


It’s the Beginning of the End

…of summer! Just returned from out final beach trip of the season. We’ve had some chilly nights. Starbucks has announced it’s bringing back “pumpkin spice” season early this year. *scowls*

The only plus is getting my 2 favorite fall magazines!! The September InStyle and People StyleWatch!