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In Case You’ve Ever Wondered…

…about our Depths of Frugality…or is it the Height of Frugality??

Anyway, wanted to share this with all of you…

Had to change the blade on my razor, again…and chuckled as I did so. Why? Because THIS is the brand I’ve been forced to use for a while now:

photo copy

Why, yes. It’s the “Shai” brand razor blade by Dorco. What? Never heard of this brand??? They’re from the city of “Frugal Bastard” in the country of “Hell.” Yes, they work as well as you may imagine. *applies band aid to shredded, yet still hairy leg*  They’re amazing in that you scrape and scrape over the same spot and yet the hair still remains!  Yahoo!

The Frug was a on a tear a while ago about how much razors cost and how frequently I changed the blades. “Cow, these Venus razors are “super premium” and you use a fresh blade once a week!” Yes, yes I do.Thanks perimenopause!  So, he did his super secret frugal research and came up with Dorco brand razors. Honestly. Dorco? I think even the Dollar Store rejects this brand. *I* reject it for the name alone.

If you want to read his rationale, please go check out his post. I’ll be over here bleeding out.