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New Product to Check Out!

Tried something new and weird this weekend. They’re called Bare Lifts…it’s like tape that is supposed to act like a non-surgical breast lift!  My SIL saw these at Happy Harry’s (does everyone have Happy Harry’s?? I flove this chain…only see ’em at the beach)

This isn’t something I would ordinarily even look at or think about…but, hey, I am a consumer thru and thru and when Susan said ‘hey check these out!’ I said ‘hell yes’!  I am usually okay, boob wise…wear a bra and the girls look decent. I run into some saggage when I wear a top with a shelf bra…like this really cute halter top I got from the teeny bopper shop American Eagle. (paired them with jorts and thought I looked cute but casual, kwim?)

got this in brown too...CUTE!

Anyway, using the Bare Lift thingys helped actually LIFT the boobs up a bit and smoothed the nipple areas as well. A win! However, these are not Date Night Approved at all.  Look like plastic wrap across the top of the boobs and they leave a little bit of adhesive after you peel them off (which isn’t entirely pleasant, btw)…anyway, they are totally worth a try, in my opinion…disclosure:  I’m a full B cup…not sure how they would work on anything over a C…but, the video says they work on the Big Ones too…Good Luck!

And I’m BACK!

More postings to come tomorrow…right now I’m recovering from a 10 hour round trip journey to the beach! (it’s 130 miles each way – how the he$$ is that 5 hours each way????  Part of the problem is the Bridge from Hell…the Chesapeake Bay Bridge(s)

4 miles of terror

…I learned a new term – it’s gephyrophobia, which is a fear of crossing bridges. This stupid bridge is always clogged up and making traffic a freaking nightmare. And yes, it does give me nightmares. Literally. Ugh. I make the Frug drive over it for me while I cower in the passenger seat. Usually, he’s pretty sweet about driving and NOT making fun of my fear. Today was a different story…he was weaving in and out of the ‘correct lane’ (the middle one, the one without grates and away from the flimsy jersey walls)…*whimpers* Here’s a little article on bridge-o-phobia)

Anyway, wanted to give 2 little shoutouts:

1.  Happy Birthday to TANYA!   She’s a Superficial Sister and a good friend!  HFB, baby!

2. RIP to LMac’s son’s front teeth.  They were lost in a nasty freak boating accident this weekend. *whispers* Tina, please tell Casey that she was supposed to kick LAURIE in the teeth for me, not JACK. lol and kidding!  (too soon??  SORRY!!!)

Hope everyone had a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Memorial Day Weekend is upon us!

And I say scream WOOT!  It’s been less than 2 months since we went to Mexico and yet it feels like 2 years! When is this school year going to be OVER?!!?!?!?!?!?! (please shriek that sentence)

We’re spending the long weekend with my SIL Susan and BIL Terry at the beach. *jumpy claps*  CANNOT WAIT. I, of course, won’t be getting in the ocean *shudders* or the pool (not til July when the water temp is acceptable!) but my a$$ still needs to don a bathing suit in public. Downside to the beach right there. *growls*  So, I got another airbrush tan today!  Gotta tan what cannot be worked off at the gym, right?!  Dark colors minimize! (mantra alert)  Went straight to carpool after the spray tan…tried to avoid people but Tanya found me! So embarrassing to be greasy and fauxorange…it was in my hair and I just know I smelled like the tanning solution (which they say doesn’t smell but c’mon, everyone knows it stinks!)

Anyway, am now “tan” and need to pack and get the heck outta dodge…hope to see some Sea Hags at the beach! *whispers* shit, I think I may still look like one despite my master plan from last fall…*sighs*

If you want my deep thoughts on tanning as well as the deets on my airbrush tanning experience, click here!

Idiot’s Guide to Lost


Please read this article from E! to get more info on the final mindf*ck from our friends at LOST. LOST was the perfect name for this show. I was freaking lost from day 1.

Side notes: How does Kate’s curly hair look amazing and Claire’s hair look like a squirrel’s nest? Does Sawyer get injections to keep that perma-scowl on? Like the anti-botox or something?  Just how much does Hurley weigh?? They never did explain how he kept getting fatter and fatter on the Island…then again, there was a shit-ton that they never explained. *sigh*

Idiot’s Guide to Lost.