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Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler promote The Bounty Hunter in Berlin and Madrid 30mar10

Love the white dress…she looked gorgeous…

The nude sparkly dress is awful though. Makes JENNIFER ANISTON look like she has a pooch!?!!!  WTH?

I wonder if that pigdog Gerard Butler has his finger in her butt again in the pic?  UGH.

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler promote The Bounty Hunter in Berlin and Madrid 30mar10.

Bad Dog Mom

I swear, I feel like calling Lab Rescue. The Black Beast is on my last nerve.  He’s a freaking 105 lb toddler. UGH. During this afternoon’s walk, he was a menace. Trying to dart across busy streets to sniff strange doggy butts…growling and leaping at little girls in pink rain slickers (oh how he hates little girls in pink – if they had had doll strollers, it would have been mayhem)…final straw…he dragged me across the street to find and eat *something* that some asshat kindly threw out of their car…words out of my mouth, to my DOG with a brain the size of a pea? “I hope you f*cking choke on it!”

Someone needs a vacation! *sing songs*

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Life in Numbers

5 – ‘sleeps’ til we leave on vacation.

3 – lunches to pack this week = # of school days left.

10+ – loads of laundry to ‘do’ and fold.

4 – suitcases to pack.

6 – walks for the dog before I drop his sorry tail off at boarding.

3 – ‘beauty type’ appointments to be ready for vacation.

1 – old car to drop off at dealer.

1 – new car to pick up at different dealer.

2 – nights of homework to suffer thru with Grand Master Eight.

8 – lbs to lose*.

*0 – percent chance of the above actually happening.

Monday Misc.

Rainy Monday.  Fitting. Gloom. Doom. Sigh.  Actually, no time for moping around…time to get in gear for my trip!  Much to do!!

So, my weekend first…all good.  Well, minus most of Sunday which was spent with my friends Advil, Diet Coke, greasy food, and sleep. Why does Tequila pretend to be my friend? She’s all fun and games…she’s a party…then BAM…she is no fun during daylight hours it seems.

This week is about packing…and maintenance. Have to get the grey roots taken care of…more time in the gym (torrid affair with the treadmill)…waxing of all varieties…and then there is the tanning.  I have sworn off the dreaded tanning booths. Still paying the price for my tanorexia in the 80s. Seriously though, how can something so bad for you feel so damn good????  Sigh.  Anyway, I need to do some self-tanning.  Anyone have any recommendations?  I’m using the gradual one from Jergen’s (Natural Glow)…still smells. I may find somewhere to get an airbrush tan…sculpt some abs, hide some cellulite…anyone ever done that???  Share!

Leaving in 5 days!!!!!  Wooooooooooooooooooooo!

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So, it’s going to be a F*ck Me day…

…what better to go with the F*ck Me week I had??  Today?  Car shopping.  The 6th level of hell.  Added to that? It’s a Family Fun TIme Adventure. 11 and 8 are excellent car shoppers. *rolls eyes*

Yup, one week away from MEXICO…and instead of working on those last 17 lbs I need to lose prior to leaving, I will be test driving cars…dodging the slimy car sales people…and herding goats (aka dealing w/the children)…*heavy sigh*