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What does a 43 yr. old mother of 2 wear to a concert???  We are seeing U2 tomorrow night and I have no idea what to wear!!! I think the last concert I went to was Jimmy Buffett like 5 years ago and I don’t think we even went into the concert (the parking lot was where all the action was! LOL)…

I know that we’ll be sitting in hideous traffic so I will need to be semi-comfy…yet still ‘hot’ since it counts as a Date Night w/the Frug…


BobbY Brown’s Fall Make-Up Tips

Yes, the make-up artist not the ‘rapper/singer/ex-husband of Whitney Houston’

I met her and had a makeover w/her at an event at Neiman’s years ago…pre-married w/kids.  She was awesome. One of those ‘use 2-3 products’ kind of makeovers.  This was also around the time of the too-thin eyebrows…I remember her commenting on that trend and how unflattering it was.  I love her products but haven’t actually purchased anything in ages…hmmm, perhaps it’s time to rectify that situation? 😉

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12 years of Wedded Bliss

12 years!  Wahooo!  Time flies in the Land of the Frugal!  We went up to Baltimore to celebrate our love – a beloved tradition – and no kids!  Woo hoo!

admiralfellStayed at the Admiral Fell Inn.  So cute and it’s right in super-fun Fell’s Point!  Trivia: we may have conceived Master Pedro there when the Ravens were in the playoffs on New Year’s Eve ’00 😉  Spent the afternoon watching college football at Max’s.  Had a SURLY bartender who thought he was super funny.  He was acting like I was being High Maintenance when I ordered my hamburger PLAIN and with all condiments OFF the plate!  Harrumph. Irritated me beyond belief!  But, after I got my Zin on, all was good!  Got some great dining recommendations from our nieces, Emily and Stacey…ended up at Pazo. Had yummy tapas and sangria! And the people watching was terrific. I was surprised at how many ‘beautiful people’ were there.  I was on the lookout for Sea Hags since we were at a seaport but no!  When we first walked in, it looked like a SuperModel Convention!  The Frug was NOT complaining! 😉

One important note about the Anniversary is that I usually get a pass to spend some $$ on a fun outfit and mani/pedi, etc. I actually wore, for the first time, the infamous SKINNY jeans!  Yes, I managed to squeeze my ginormous calves into them!   Paired them w/a charcoal gray semi-drapey halter top w/some fun jewels at the neckline.  And, of course, wore a pair of sky-high heels…always trying to lengthen those legs!  My hair cooperated, despite the rain.  Life was good.

Oh, and it seems like my new skin care routine (the ‘reverse the sun damage’ plan) is starting to work!  The Frug said that my skin seemed smoother and that the dark spots are less noticeable.  Yeah!

So, we partied like rockstars but had to get up semi-early to get home to the kiddies.  Peter had the sitter (the awesome CRISTA!) text me at 9am to get our ETA!  So, home, picnic, football…All in all, a good anniversary AND a good way to kick-off the next 12 years…