More Frugaganda

Poor Frug, he’s feeling very “under attack” today here at kellysuperficial!  I told him I love him dearly but he is just pure Blog Fodder sometimes!

Case in point…here’s an article he said me about the evils of fried foods. (side note:  I’m worried that I may actually injure myself with the epic eye rolling I’m doing today) I was able to copy a key chart…see below (stupid WordPress is not letting me type below the )@$* chart)…

So, let’s note that my favorite VEGETABLE french fries are the number cause of weight gain. Why why why?? It’s a potato. A lovely and lowly tuber that, deep fried and heavily salted, is truly a food of the Gods.  You can take the girl outta Ireland but you can’t take the Ireland outta the girl. Am I right or am I right?? Harrumph. Am wondering WHY he sent this to me. A passive aggressive way of saying “Hey, lay off the fries, bitch?” Or just Blog Fodder?  *taps chin*

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